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Default sizing 4 images on one page

Hi, can any one explain how to do this?

I'd like to take four images and put them on one page to post on facebook. I saw this image and looked at the properties. It's 960 ppi x 640ppi at 96dpi if I'm correct.

I have cs4 and opened a new page/doc and sized it custom to these dementions, then I popped my for images w/ a free transform to fit. Well....mine is all grainy and soft looking. How do I do this and still have it clear?

HELP!! I'm so frustrated.


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Here is one more example...https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.ph...type=1&theater
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G'day mate

It's not too difficult, tho it will take a bit of time until you get the hang of it

Let's presume your final image is to be printed as a 4 x 6" / 8 x 12" print, and therefore your 4x images need to be 4 x 6" shape but will be resized to 1/4 of the final [make sense?]

> Take your 4 originals, crop them to the 4 x 6" shape
> Resize them [Ctrl + Alt + I] to a common pixel size ... say 2400px on the long side [x 1600 px keeping the 4 x 6 shape]
> Create a new canvas of 4800 +25px wide x 3200 + 25px high ... the extra 25px will give a white line between the 4 photos
> Copy & Paste each of your 4x images into your new canvas, fine-tune / move them into each corner with the 25px gap between them
> Save it as a PSD
> Flatten the image
> Resize it down to 640px wide for the web
> Save it as a JPG
> Upload as required

Hope this helps
Regards, Phil
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I think I understand the problem, and why Phil's advice will help. By creating the canvas to your desired dimensions, first, you have to use the transform tool to get the photos to fit, and the transform tool uses the simplest way to do this, but also doesn't preserve the original image very well. Creating the montage using the original picture dimensions, and then resizing uses better methods to retain image information and clarity.

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Thanks!! Let me take a crack at it.
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