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This site: http://www.general-cathexis.com/interpolation.html compares many interpolation methods.

The wormy look is similar to the Data Dependent Lanczos 3 or Jensen-Data Dependent Lanczos 2 interpolation methods.

The only difference in result I see is that the Blowup plugin has a even more wormy look. If you read the information on the website I posted you will see that there is no perfect interpoltion method. I've never used Genuine Fractals but the results on the above site look quite good. Also, please note that LAD Deconvolution is not a interpolation method that will help you (in case you like it). It would take to many weeks of computing time to upsize for your puposes.

There may be another alternative for you. Have you tried using sinc64 interpolation? Below is my result using that (from the ptool's PTCorrect free plugin). No sharpening has been applied. Any artifacts visible are the result of interpolation and/or compression from the original file you posted.

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And using Spline36 method:

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Hi there, I'm from BenVista (makers of the PhotoZoom software series), and this topic caught my interest (a little late, but still...)

I wanted to give it a shot using our own PhotoZoom Pro 2. Here's the result + the settings I used:

Used settings:

- Resize method: S-Spline XL
- Unsharp masking: off

- Sharpness: 5
- Artificial detail: 25
- Edge boost: 5
- Detail boost: 5

I'm curious what you think.

Hugo - BenVista

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I have had very good success going to 24 X 36 in photoshop CS2 with my Canon 20D images using a technique in Scott Kelbys Photoshop CS2 for Digital Photographers book.

Basically you enter the image size you want to make your photo, then change the resolution value up, I use 360, and choose "Bicubic Sharper" as the resample type. I know it goes against everything we know about Photoshop resizing, but it definately works. No more 10% increments, it is a one command deal. I would never have believed it, but it does work. If you have his book check out page 108 for a more detailed direction set.

I have also tried the Blow up demo, not nearly as good as Photoshop CS2 alone.

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Don't overthink the process of making big prints from your 30D. If you are having a good lab do the prints, you probably need to do nothing more than submit your original file, or if you made any adjustments, that file.

Pro labs will probably do a better job of upsizing your files than you can do yourself, especially if you are not already used to doing it. Click on this link to see how the lab that does Smugmug's printing handles files where they do bigger sized printing...


If you know what lab you are going to use, ask them.

If you stillinsist on doing this yourself, MAKE SURE TO TELL THE LAB TO PRINT YOUR FILES AS YOU SUBMITTED THEM. If you don't, theymay take your upsized files and re-interpolate themdown or upto the PPI settings they use to make the size print you want.
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