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My camera takes 8meg RAW photos, when I convet them using adobe bridge or capture one the file size goes up to 48meg (with 16 bit depth) can anyone explain what is happening here please?
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To determine file size, multiply the total number of pixels by the number of 'bits' of colour and divide the result by 8 (because there are 8 'bits' in a 'byte').

In your case it would be 8,000,000 (8MB) pixels X 48 (the color bit depth of a 16 bit RAW image)
รท 8 = 48MB.

An 8 bit image will only have a 24 bit color depth because it would be 8 bits for each of the three color channels (red, blue, green). So the file size for one of your jpeg's should only come to 24MB -- half of what the 16 bit RAW image gives you.

Here's a short tutorial on bit depth:



Edit: It might be a minor point, but I think that most (if not all) cameras that shoot RAW only produce a 12 or 14 bit file. Computers like things in multiples of eight, so the computer rounds up the file to 16 bits.
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