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Here is the deal. I take a picture and then open it with Irfanview. It is huge as I have to scroll up and down and left and right. The main image is as big as the monitor which is the way I want it to show up when other people look at it(such as on the forum here). Yet, when I cut the selected part of the picture and save just it, it opens as a very small picture. I want it to be big as it was in Irfanview. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance.
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I've never used Irfanview but it sound to me like you are viewing a photo at full size (100%) and then you want to cut or crop an area of the photo and have it fill th entire screen. If this is what you are wanting to do then read on, if not let me know.

I just installed Irfanview and here is what I see. After you make you selection of the original photo go to Edit->Crop Selection.

This will be your selection but smaller than the original. Then go to Image->Resize\Resample and put in your new size. If you know the dimensions you could put them in manually but if not you could use the selections on the right side of the screen. I used version 3.97 of the software.

Keep this in mind though. When you crop a small area and resize it, you are going to loose some quality of the photo depending on how small of a crop you are doing.

Hope this helps.

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When you post a photo here, it will show up at 100% size. How it displays in irfanview after a crop will depend on what magnification irfanview is using when you view it (look at this info on screen when you use the +/- Keys for zooming in Irfanview).

The viewing size will also change depending on the monitor settings someone uses. For example, someone using a monitor set to 800x600 pixels will see an 800x600 image full screen. Someone with a Monitor set to 1024.x768 will see an 800x600 at a smaller size, etc.

You'll see thisinformatoin (size of the image) in irfanview, and itwill display it based on the magnification set in Irfanview (that's what the + and - keys are for in irfanview -- zooming in and out). Leave to to 100% to see what it would look like on a monitor set to your same resolution when posted.

As for displaying it so that users need to scroll back and forth, that's a bad idea. We prefer that users downsize an image so that scrolling back and forth is not needed. That's not only irritating to users (since it forces them to scroll left and right to see all of the text in theposts themselves), but the forums software won't allow an image too big (file size or resolution).

If the photo is stored on a web site (versus attached to the forums), sometimes the forums software can display larger images. But, we still prefer you don't attach images that large to posts. If you need viewers to see a larger version of an image, post a link to a version of it stored on a web site instead. Also, keep in mind that some of our members are dial up users. They have to wait for images to load over a slow connection.

It can be quite irritating to mewhen someone posts full size images in some forums (and sometimes many of them in the same thread), even though I'm on a high speed connection (espcially if the server the images are posted on is slow). I'm sure it makes dialup users quite angry when they click on a forum thread that way in some forums. Their connection speed may be a small fraction of yours.

Also, if you're attaching an image to a forum post using the "browse button" you'll find that there is a filesize limitation of around 250,000 bytes. So, you'll need to make sure the filesize is small enough. If not, you'll need to use more jpeg compression (the slider you'll see when you use the "File, Save As" option to save a modified image with Irfanview.

Steve prefers images no larger (resolution) than about 640x480. That allows users with lower resolution monitor settings to read a forum thread containing an image, without the need for scrolling back and forth to see the text. But, up to 800x600 is not too irritating to most users (making sure that your final filesize is under 250,000 bytes by using more JPEG compression if needed). So, Ileave those (and sometimes leave larger ones, againstmy better judgement, depending on the purpose of the thread).

If you need to change the resolution to a different size, you can use Irfanview for that, too. Look under the Image, Resize/Resample Menu for options.

Use the "Set a New Size" option on left hand side of the screen that comes up to modify the width of the image (set to pixels as the unit) so that it's not too wide (no more than about 640 to 800 pixels wide), leaving the "preserve aspect ratio" box checked,letting it put it the correct number for the other sice of the image. Then, pick one of the options on the right side of the screen to resize it (I usually use Lanczos). This resize feature can be used to increase or decrease the size of an image (if you cropped it too small).

Keep in mind that if you increase an image size (for example, if you crop a smaller portion that is less than 640 pixels wide and you want to make it larger again for posting here), it will degrade quality to some extent. But, when irfanview is magnifying an image to more than 100% when you view it in Irfanview, quality is also degraded. You typically get better quality (for on screen viewing) when you downsize an image (versus increasing it's size).

Here is a thread on how to post images:


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