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I use a 4 MP camera and typically get my prints made at a local printer who prints all pictures at 400 ppi. I use photoshop elements 2 to crop my pictures before I take them in to be printed. When I set the resolution to be 400ppi the size is almost exactly 4 in X 6 inwhich is great.

I am considering moving up to an 8MP camera and I am wondering; if the resolution in photoshop elements is set to 400 ppi on a full size file produced by the new camera and the resulting print sizeis 6 in X 8 in, then will the program have to"resample" to produce the smaller 4X6 print? If so will this print from the resampled 8MP camera file be less quality than the print from the 4MP file that was printed without any resampleing?

I know I could take pictures with the new 8MP camera at a lower resolution setting and there would be no problem, but then why buy it?

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No, you will NEVER lose any quality when going from a hi-res photo and producing a smaller image. Infact, images might become sharper. Take a look at the LCD on your digital camera. Even when you take a blurry picture, it might look very sharp on the digital cameras LCD until you view it on the desktop computer. This is because images look sharper at smaller sizes.

Hope this helps.

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Any resample causes a slight loss of quality. With a downsample the software is having to remove pixels and make guesses about pixels placed not exactly where they were. Even if you are clever enough to arrange things so all of the remaining pixels are exactly where they were you still have the situation of the missing pixels not exactly being the mid-point in color and luminance. I think you have to downsample by a factor of 4 to get the remaining pixels where they were in the original image.

But spooling a print job it makes no difference to use a higher resolution image than the spooler can use. The spooler can just discard the pixels it doesn't need. It always has to rearrange the pixels unless you get the exact resolution it spools to. Even if you know that number it is probably better to let the print spooler handle it rather than downsample yourself.

If you shoot at a lower resolution with an 8Mp camera the computer in the camera is doing a downsample from the 8Mp image. Better to just let the printer spooler do it IMO.

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