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I save JPEGs in the camera, make prints via a Canon 1960 and use the Elements that came with the camera to make adjustments. My question is how the order the operations toget the best prints.This is whatI do now:1. open the JPEG and re-size it to the print size.2. Set the DPI at 300 or morefor best prints. 3. View theimage at 100%and then apply sharpening. 4. Make color/contrast changes. 5. Print. Is this the best way or does changing thesequence matter?
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What you are doing should work out well, I'll just add some minor comments.

This works for PS CS, not sure if it can all be done in PS Elements:
  1. open the JPEG from the camera, save it as a PSD, open the PSD. [/*]
  2. Set the DPI at 300 is good, or even 240 works well. [/*]
  3. re-size it to the desired print size, by repeatedly up-sizing 5% at a time. [/*]
  4. Make color/contrast/spotting changes. [/*]
  5. Convert image to LAB, View theimage at 100%and then apply Unsharp to the L channel, and Gaussian blur to the A/B channels, convert back to RGB [/*]
  6. Save as a new PSD copy, You never want to re-save a JPG, or re-save into your original. [/*]
  7. Print. [/*]
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