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I have some photographs that I need to print, butthe problem is thatI don't havea printer, so I cannot test and see how they would look like in real life.

I'm going to take these photographs to a place that uses laser printers, but I would like to print them as big as possible, as clear as possible and as many as possible in an A3 sheet.

Some photographs aren't that good in quality, like the one of the example, and I wonder if I have to use Photoshop, or if printing them in a smaller size will solve this problem.

I don't want to make a poster with them, I don't want them THAT big, but anything from a "normal" (6x4 right?) photo size or bigger would be great.

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I'm no expert on this (that's why I'm looking in this forum) but am in a similar situation to yourself. Printing my pics on my inkjet is cost prohibitive, so I just get all mine printed at an AGFAphoto lab. I too can't really tell how they'll turn out.

I imagine that printing all your picsat A3 size would cost you a small fortune. Will the final images be printed at A3? If not, printing them at the same size that you intend to print the final products would probably suffice.

The larger you print the image, the moreyou will noticeany problems with the image quality. Printing it a smaller size can hide some of these problems.

About the image quality - I'm no expert on Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro - but Photoshop will definitely help you to fix up your pics. THere's quite a learning curve but I think it's worth it - just have a look at a lot of the posts on these forums. There are plenty of books on the subject too.

Dunno if that helps you any, just my 2 cents...
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Photoshop combined with some plug-in filters can help a shot like the one you linked. You might even be able to get it to a point where you can make a large print just using the free version of Neat Image.

I just selected the blue upper sky with some feathering and applied some noise removal. Then I applied a small amount of Image Doctor JPRG Repair to the whole image and defogged it. The whole process took maybe 3 minutes and I would certainly spend more if I were going to make a large print. You can take a look at what just a little time in Photoshop did for the image. You have to keep in mind that if a dozen people applied what they think it needs you would get a dozen different results. And I'm not claiming by a long shot that mine would be better than others. http://www.pbase.com/slipe/image/41877314/original.jpg

The image you linked would print fine at 4 X 6 just the way it is. You would want to crop it before sending it off though. The printer just takes an equal amount off the top and bottom, and that photo would probably look better if you cropped it yourself. You might want to try this little freeware for that: http://ekot.dk/programmer/JPEGCrops/

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