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why is it so hard to do this! printing out 4x6 is easy cause all of my pictures are high res enough to just print them out as is and get awesome(really really awesome compared to 35mm) but now this is a bit different. i need to print out some pictures of my girlfriend's 15s photoshoot. the photographer was her uncle but i also got my own pictures and they wanted a couple of them as 8x10's(apparently i did a good job:-):|)

the three pics i want to print out as 8x10 are all 72DPI(thats how my camera saves them) and sized 1838x2300 approx(different sizes for each pic) is that enough for a good quality 8x10 print? do i need to resample it? to what? how?

please help:?:?
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Max, if the image pixel resolutions are 2300x1838, thats about 4 megapixels & will be fine for an 8 x 10" print. Disregard the 72 dpi camera setting. Your printer software should utilise the available pixels for the 8x10 print, resulting in about 230dpi.

Well, thats the way it works with my Canon printers & software. If you are getting awesome 4x6 with your printer, it's likely you will be pleased with the 8x10 prints, especially using good quality photo paper. Good luck.
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