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Default multi pics on 1 page

It can be frustrating spending hours trying to get more than 1 picture on a single sheet of paper. Two very easy to use programs are Arcsoft photo printer ($20) and Camedia Master Pro 4.0($40). both allow you drag large pictures into template and it will resize them down. Both have many templates that allow a varity of sizes and pictures. These are not your $500 photo studios but programs you can be printing with in 5 min after installing them. both also have fun Item for your pics also. Camedia can be bought online from Olympus and Arcsoft photo printer on line from Arcsoft. Fun mindless programs.
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Kodak Picture Software works well too - and it's free. Not only does it give various options for several prints on one sheet, but there's an accompanying program that you can download that matches whatever make of printer you use - and that improves the way your printer renders colours.
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Is the Kodak program free for download or bundle with a product? both that mentioned do also come bundled with products.
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Default Don't overlook QimagePro....

Probably the very best printing utility available at any price is QimagePro ($35) which not only allows printing multiple images per page by template or manual placement, but also allows "tile" printing or poster sized prints made up of multiple 8.5 x 11's each containing a portion of the big picture. It's possible to print beautiful posters this way and assemble them from the printed components by using doublestick tape, etc., into a single image which, from a distance of a couple feet, can't be distinguished from a true poster print.

This is only a tiny bit of what QimagePro can do for you. You owe it to yourself to download a free trial copy and see the myriad possibilities this great product offers. Here's a link for anyone with a Windows based PC:


Click here for Qimage Pro...
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I agree with Lin about QImage, even though it isn't as easy to use as a lot of folks would like. Saves a lot of figuring out how to size, resample, and arrange images on the paper.

The batch utilities included with QImage are worth the $35 by themselves.
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Default Windows XP

If you do a lot of work with images I would recommend upgrading to Windows XP if you are able to. Windows XP allows you to work with images a lot easier. If you right click on a picture file you can choose to use the built-in Photo Printing Wizard which allows you to print multiple pictures on one page. The selections are: Full Page, Index Print (35 prints per page - of which you can only use 15 of the same image for some reason), 8x10, 2 5x7s, 2 or 3 4x6 prints, 4 3.5x5, 9 Wallet prints.

Aside from printing, Windows XP also lets you see thumbnails (small versions of your picture) of your picture both when you are browsing a folder or using an Open or Insert image dialog box. It will also let you cycle through all the images in a folder in full screen mode like an image slide show. Hope this helps.

God bless,

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Microsoft PictureIt! is best at this ($5 after rebate from Costco). I still use it even though I have Photoshop!

You can open a blank page (ie 8x10 or something), drags all the pictures in, size them one at a time by dragging the corners, and postition individual picture in any which way you like, even overlaying them on top of one another with various opacity!
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Default Kodak software

The Kodak Easy Share software is free for the down loading. I use HP Photo Smart Photo printing software that came with my HP printer. It has built in templates or you can create and save your own. I have not found it for resale but I found this on the HP site. The HP Photo Printing software is not available for download. To obtain it, you would need to call Distribution at (661) 257-5565.
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