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I notice that I see many resized photos posted here that retain their sharpness. This is important when I want to post my photos on the internet. When I resize in most image editing programs the picture gets blurry, I can use unsharp mark but I get some halos and it still doesn't look that good.

Do I need a special program or settings? I'm looking to make resizes of images from a 3.2MP camera (2048x1536). Generally want the files to be 150kb or less and fit on screens on the internet.
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What I do for a quick resize of my 4mp pix is the following:

- enhance edges filter
- if effect is too strong blow up image to 200% or so (smart/bicubic resize) and do enhance edges
- then resize to 800x600
- apply sharpness filter (only a tad)
- if effect gives too much "white pixel" do a "JPEG artifacts" filter or a "remove noise with edge preservation"

That usually daoes the job and you're done in some seconds with it - I don't think you should waste too much time for a forum pic, right?

Example: these images were processed that way. http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...384595#p384595

Hope that helps,
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Unfortunately I don't have Photoshop. Can I do any of this in Ifranview? I also have Photostudio (came on a CD with my camera) and also Adobe Photodeluxe. Photoshop costs alot of $$ and would rather not have to spend that if I can do the same with the progs I have.
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You might want to try Image Analyzer from Meesoft. I don't have the url handy, but Meesoft.com should get you there, or you can try searching the forums. Using the resoration by deconvolution will clean up the softness created by resizing very nicely. Oh, and it's free. For some things, it is all I need for an image editor, as well.

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I opened this 8Mp image in Irfanview, which was direct from my camera with no alteration. I reduced the size to 800 X 600 in Irfanview, sharpened it in Irfanview and saved it at 50% quality as a JPG. The file size is 70k. Does this look blurred to your eyes? If it doesn't you are doing something different. 50% isn't great quality and you wouldn't want to open a 50% quality image and resave it again at low quality, but I don't think it looks that bad just for display.

It doesn't make any difference what size the original image is once you downsize it. The higher the JPG compression the more the file size varies with content. But if you save an 800 X 600 image at 50% it should be somewhere around 70k. You can use a higher quality and still stay below 150k.

You can also crop in Irfanview before you size it for viewing.

Edit: you want to uncheck all of the boxes except EXIF to get a minimum file size. Most people on this board prefer you keep the EXIF information and it only adds a small amount of size. The 70k image I posted doesn't have EXIF, but I checked and it only adds 1k to include the EXIF.
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try microsoft's Image Resizer PowerToy

it adds <resize image> to the right click menu


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