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Iam new to this forum, when i try to send a photo to the critiques and techniques forum and then check the previewd photo it fills the screen, how do i make it smaller to fit . i use ps cs i have tried everthing i know which is not a lot as far as resizeing is concerned.

Alex :angry:
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Open your image in Photoshop. Click on the "image" drop down and select "image size". Make sure "constrain proportions" is selected (so you keep the image shape), and "resample" is selected (so that you change the number of pixels and not just the print size). Next to where it says "resample image:", make sure "bicubic" is selected, or you might get a jagged looking image.

Now just change your pixel size. What size you use is up to you, but I typically use a width of 640 or sometimes 720. Keep in mind that some people have their monitor resolution set to 800x600, so if you make the image too wide to fit in the space alotted by the web page, the image will be cut off to the side and they will have to scroll to see it all.

Don't worry about the DPI setting or the other measurements, these only affect the size of the print.

Make sure you don't overwrite your original image. Go to File-Save As, not "save". Save it as a JPG. You can also go to File-Save for Web and that may make your file size smaller, but the EXIF data will be kicked out and nobody will be able to tell what camera settings you used.
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