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Hello there,

I looking for some advice re enlarging the image resolution of some pics to do a presentation with a digital projector.

My shots are only roughly 200x300 px or 300x400 px (i.e between 15k and 50k). What would be the minimum size that I need to enlarge these to, if i want to get an acceptable on screen image, assuming the presentation screen is to be roughly 4'x6'? I'm not looking for amazing quality, just something that conveys the essence of what is going on and is not pixelated away to the point of being useless.

I don't know what kind of projector we'll be using (nor how far it'll be from the screen if that makes a difference). However i could get access to photoshop v7 - does this have the functionality to do what i'm looking for?

Thanks for any advice given, i have no idea whether this is a ridiculous enquiry or something that is quite run of the mill to do. Point me in the direction of any related threads if required,

ciao for now, Jonny
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Well, Jonny, I'm affraid you are about to become the latest victim of "Too Much Time on My Hands" syndrome. I hope someone who really has a good answer throws in, here.

Never having used a digital projector, I'm assuming that they work pretty much like a slide projector except that the "slide" is a digital image. If this is a valid analogy, then what kind of projector it is, what kind of lens it uses and how far it will be from the screen are critical issues. Just like the image a slide projects is governed by the combo' of the focal length of the projector lens and how far away the screen is.

If you don't get any "real" advice on this, the first thing that I would do would be to try to get some access to the projector beforehand and try out your present images at various distances from a screen, wall, etc. If that isn't possible, make a few larger copies of your pix at various sizes. One of them should be adequate.
Photoshop can do a pretty good job of upsizing. Try using the "110%" method. You blow the image up progressively, in 110% incriments until you get the size you are looking for. For some reason, this seems to do a slightly better job than just upsizing to your target size in one shot.

Hope you get something more helpful!

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Grant, thanks for that.

Looks i'll be spending a bit of quality time with photoshop.

Yup I realise that the projector is a huge variable - unfortunately no way of testing before hand.

Here is one of my pics for the presentation:

Attached Images
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