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Hey there! I hope someone reads this & is able to help me... :-)I'm very confused! :?

I recently got a newer version of Adobe Photoshop. (previously had 5.0, now have 7.0) In the 5.0, when I wanted to resize, I would just drag a picture over, right click, go to image size, and it would say something like 41' x 27', so I would just change it to what I wanted-8 or 10' width, etc.

But...in the new version I have, when I drag the pic over, and right click, it will show the image as something like 10' x 6', which it's clearly not! The image is still HUGE, and not resized yet. So I have to guess and resize it to something wierd like 1' width for it to be a forum post-able size!!!

Does this make sense? How can I resize the pics in the newer version of photoshop? Am I missing something??

Thanks in advance for any help!! :-)
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I have PS7, and what I do to resize is:

Open your picture (of course!) then go to Image>Image Size, and the image size dialog will appear. This box will show you the size of your image in pixels and show you the printed dimensions and the resolution at which the image would print.
You can change whatever you want by changing the values in the information fields inside the image size box and checking or unchecking the constrain proportions and resample boxes. The effects of the changes you make can get a bit complicated, so if you want to, check out some of the other headings in this thread dealing with resizing and interpolation.

Feel free to post any questions all of that generates!


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Also keep in mind that the only size that matters for display is the size in pixels. If you have your screen resolution set to 600 X 800, a 300 X 400 pixel image is going to go halfway across and halfway down your screen and take a quarter of the screen area.

A 600 X 800 image could show at 11.111 X 8.333 inches using 72PPI or 3 X 4 inches using 200 PPI. The image is still exactly the same size whether it is 11 X 8 inches or 3 X 4 inches.

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Thank you both for the comments! I've been playing around with it and am now at leastgetting my pictures to "postable" sizes instead of the huge original files!! It just threw me for a loop for a bit there b/c the newer version does things a little differently than the older version I have!!

Thanks again for your help!
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