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I am shooting .NEF files on the Nikon D70 and wish to create some 8 foot high by 3 foot wide posters. Each .NEF flie is about 6 to 8 MBs. Is there a way to do this and achieve a reasonable image from a reasonable viewing distance or am I expecting too much from my images?

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Gee, dayspring, I figured that by now someone who had some experience with this would have offered up an intelligent answer. Since they haven't, then I guess I'm under no pressure.

This might be doable. I've heard of extreme enlargements that come out surprisingly well using "stepped interpolation". This involves a gradual series of upsamples to get to the target size. For some reason, it works better than just upsampling directly to the target size.

Some knowledgable people in these forums recommend an increase in 2% increments for the best results. I've read in at least one book that even 10% increments are better than a straight, 100% interpolation. The obvious bummer here, is that this procedure would be rather tedious unless you are using a program that lets you automate it so that the computer will do numerous itterations itself.

To save time you could run a test by cropping a small part out of the picture that you want to enlarge -- a part with a lot of detail -- and then running that up the same number of itterations that you would use on the whole image. You can print that section, then and put it on the wall. If the section looks acceptable to you when viewed at the same distance as you want the whole poster viewed, then you can figure that the whole thing will look acceptable, too.

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You are asking a bit too much, but have a look at http://www.ddisoftware.com/qimage/

Not the most intuitive UI, but it's the one a lot of pros use.It has the best upsampling algorithm bar none and it also allows you to print multi-page posters such as the one you're looking for.

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