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Default GXR as Second Pentax Camera

Ricoh's GXR has been out for about three years now. I've always thought it was kind of neat but ruled it out as not being that relevent for me. Ratchet forward to a Pentax event in New York City a month or two ago, where I had a chance to hold the GXR in my hands for the first time. I simply fell in love it. Ergonomically, it is perfect for me and the camera feels as though it was carved from a solid block of magnesium. Still, I have both my Pentax DSLR and micro four-thirds kits. Hard to justify a third system.

But... now comes rumors that Ricoh, which of course has owned Pentax for about a year, will be introducing a K-mount module to take Pentax lenses, much like the M-mount module for Leica lenses. I just gave my K200D to my niece, which means the K-5 is my only Pentax camera body. I was thinking about adding either a K-30 or K-5 II body. But it occurs to me the GXR could be my second "Pentax" body and it would be even more compact than a K-5 or K-30. It might even mean I wouldn't need a micro four-thirds kit and longer.

I think the GXR would be perfect for my DA Limited primes and perhaps a smaller zoom. It even has the option of an EVF, which the Pentax K-01 does not. Moreover, I could dump my Canon SX230 comapct travel zoom camera if I picked up the P10 28-300mm module.

Any thoughts?

P.S. There aren't many visitors (read: almost none) to the Rioch forum so if there are no objections, I'm also posting this in the Pentax forum. if administrators feel one should be deleted, no problem.
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Personally,I think the GXR is somewhat flawed- not least being limited somewhat by the small sensor's in the 24-70mm an 28-300mm modules (note the 28-300mm module only has minimum and maximum aperture adjustment...)
I'm guessing that the proposed K-mount module will have an APS-C sized sensor,which helps matters greatly- though only remains pocketable with a small prime on board.
If you're thinking about ditching the little Canon, I wouldn't- as the P10 units 1/2.3" sensor is average at best,suffers bad barrel distortion at wide-angle and chromatic aberration is a problem.
As a mount for your primes- assuming the K-mount module has an APS-C sensor on board- then I guess it has a use- but it seems an expensive way to go for a compact (ish) camera with limited use- unless you carry your primes around with you... which kinda defeats the object of a compact camera.
Looking at the list of camera's at the base of your post, I'd suggest you have far better cameras there already- with decent lenses to boot...!
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