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Default My experience with the cx1

I bought the cx1 2 month ago in London For my trip in India , this time I decided to leave my big SLR home and take with me smaller compaq,

I dint want to spend a fortune so i chose the CX1 according the review for it fast AF , shooting performance and cmos sensor .

The camera looks nice and firm , small enough to bee carried really conformable in my cargo pocket .

The switch on time , the AF is good and the shooting time excellent.

What is not good is the AF when there is the slightness movement( eg old man walking) , resulting just few pic are really in focus .

I even tried the bracketing focus but with no luck I end up one day shooting 800 pic at a big holy festival here in Rishikesh and and the end of the day only 22 were acceptable , actualy realy good and in perfect focus.

I tried to overcome the problem with manual focus , but for me seems completely useless , even with the magnification on, but maybe I am used with much bigger standard, because I never had a compaq before my review cannot really count.

The worst did came two days ago , the lens start to have problem as soon I start to zoom , the camera was struggling to extract the lens and after few second, the camera automatically rec-tact them switching of and on again;
If i did help a little was fine.

Now you have to understand I am nowhere in India and moving almost weakly from a place to one-other , no way I could send the camera to repair and get it back before my trip ended , I decided so to give a try to my skills.

Bought some Vaseline cream and a small screw driver The past night I start to open the camera hoping to reach the lens motor and gear for oily it.

all ok after one hour of very delicate work I start to see some gear but i could not reach it, so i decided to take all the lens block apart.

There were few screw and a difficult pin for the OS but i did managed tu unplug the block safely
Puling it out I noticed two flat cable holding and they was too shoort for any movment , so decided to umplud them , easy operation then I am done ,

unplugged both of them and sliding them out , one of them dontknow how touched the big flash capacitor , resulting in a big spark and the willing to crush my camera on the floor at once.
I did not , not immediately , not before I plugged it back and make sure that was gone.

Now I am playing with the lens projecting the soon on a wall ,
pretty nice I can see the crown with and the black spot, plus i have a magnificent screen(branded sony)and two battery pack to sell.
Best regard buecima.
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