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Ricoh recently announced the R6 (28mm-200mm). TrustedReviews.com gave it a very positive review. (IQ= 9). I know Ricoh does not have much of a market in the USA (you can purchase the R6 from PopFlash.Photo.com for $349.00), but perhaps users from other countries can comment on this model - build quality, image quality, etc. I am especially interested in how it compares to the new Panasonic TZ3 in terms of image quality, since they are similar in price. I am trying to decide whether or not to return my TZ3 and purchase the Ricoh instead. I don't care so much about the extra zoom on the TZ3, but only about image quality. Thanks for your help.
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Most people comparing those two cameras seem to like the R6 better than the TZ3.

I do not own a TZ3 myself, but received my R6 last friday.
It is really a very beautiful andsmall camera. Photo's look good in auto mode.
Many adjustments are possible. Very good macro performance.
There is somewhere at the internet already a discussion, just search the words:R6 TZ3 compare

I am very pleased so far with my little new camera. I also have a PS A80 (Canon) and the only thing i miss at the R6 is the swiveling display and the OVF of the A80. For the rest of it i like the small R6, which has almost no purple fringing and more accurate colours.

Very nice alsois the deskewing function, which for examplelets you flash a square subject (like a painting) under an angle to avoid reflection of the flashlight. After deskewing you get a perfect picture.

I have made some macros and you can find them here:


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Old May 8, 2007, 1:56 AM   #3
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hi GSM , I have reviewed your photos picasaweb. I love them very much especially the 4 dragonfly pics.
I want to ask that whether the camera are set "auto" while taking these photos? some people have said that if the R6 are set auto the photos are not very good in some occasion.
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Old Jun 4, 2007, 7:58 PM   #4
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If you want more non-professional actual buying customer's review, you can visit the Ricoh forum in dpreview DOT com
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Old Jun 24, 2007, 4:29 AM   #5
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hi gsm

im looking at the ricoh r6 can you tell me how good is the screen in daylight can you see what you are taking and also in video playback mode is it possible to hear the audio from the camera ?


marky c
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Old Aug 5, 2007, 7:42 PM   #6
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I have had the R6 for several weeks. I love it. I have owned a NIkon D100 for years with some very nice lenses. A few years ago, I bought a Sony H5 for portability. Now, with my R6, I just turn to it. The 28-200 zoom is really something in a pocket sized camera. So far, I have been satisfied with the picture quality. For me, the TZ3 was just big enough to not be a true pocket camera and I love the 28 wide angle capacity. The screen has been fine outside and at 2.8 inches, almost as nice as the H5 screen. Popflash is a great place to buy from. They will spend time with you on the phone and answer any questions. Delivery was fast. It is beyond me why Ricoh doesn't have a stronger presence in the US.
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Old Aug 8, 2007, 10:37 PM   #7
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When using this camera in video mode, is it still possible to use the optical zoom? I understand that many compact cameras lock the lens to eliminate the noise factor?

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Nice metal body, feels well made.

Negative is the tiny mode switch what was really hard to move in the beginning and the still bad sliding quality. I need a thumbnail to operate it, just thumb preasure is in most cases not enough.

The batterie / SD card door opens only 100 degrees and the SD card has to be inserted with the fingernail grove towards the door. For malesized European fingers it is only possible to take the card out by bending the door.
Solution: think toaster.
The SD card is spring operated. When you want it out, push it in with a fingernail and then slip from the card. The card will pop out 50% and is easy to grab.
You can ignore the SD problem if you use mostly the fast data transfer via usb2.
These 2 points prevented the 4.5 rating

Love the 28 mm, will never buy a digicam without it!
The 2mm makro is awesome, even if the manual states just 10 mm.
AND you can leave the camera on macro, because this little gem focuses from 2mm to infinity (and beyond).
So why wouldn´t you? Because in macro mode the camera just meters the spot what is in the center but can be moved by menue. In non macro mode the camera can meter automatically all areas of the screen.
Flash is weak as with all the little cameras. Oh and yes, it is easy to have the finger partialy covering the flash, BUT no or nearly never a red eye problem and that is a rarity in the little cameras!
I love the manual focus, it works well but you have to switch between zoom and focus, bad choice Ricoh.
Not enough scene modes.
Movie mode hidden in the scenes (you have to operate the tiny switch to get there).
There is a constant mechanical noise if you are filming in a quiete environment. So it should be no problem to activate the optical zoom for movies. You people at Ricoh, we already have noise.
The movie quality is acceptable the sound is terrible and the digital zoom is worthless because of its bad quality.
These are the reasons for only 4.5 stars.

Image quality:
The quality of my Canon S2IS I would rate as good and as excellent I would rate the more professional digital cameras.
So an average means it is OK for the little size, the compromises are acceptable and it has its strong and weak points.

Ease of use:
The SD card problem, the tiny slider and the burried movie mode cost some points.
On the plus side if you chose movie mode the camera remembers and between foto and movie mode is just the fiddely slider to move into position.
The screen is nice, sharp and viewable under all shooting situations (well, not if it is really dark).

Value for the money:
The price is ok, compared what else is on the market. Manual control, a stronger flash and if the complaints above would be solved would make this a must have pocket camera.
Over all I really like the R6 and can work with it quirks and would buy it again.

To see what the R6 is capable of you can have a look at the extremes I put her through at:

Lens got stuck once, some focus errors.
All was solved by turning the R6 off and on again.
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Hi guys,

I just bought a service manual for my Photocopier RICOH Aficio MP C4000 from: www.***************.com
They delivered in less than 20 minutes, the price was fair, and their service was really good compared to other sites where I have bought manuals in the past. And, they seem to have a huge collection of manuals!
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Old May 11, 2011, 5:22 PM   #10
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Originally Posted by servicio.tecnico2200 View Post
Hi guys,

I just bought a service manual for my Photocopier RICOH Aficio MP C4000 from: www.***************.com
They delivered in less than 20 minutes, the price was fair, and their service was really good compared to other sites where I have bought manuals in the past. And, they seem to have a huge collection of manuals!
Wow... That's pretty cool.

But, given that this is your first post to the forums and this thread has nothing to do with manuals for ricoh copiers (as you're replying to a 4 year old thread about a new Ricoh camera). I'm going to assume your post is Spam (probably made by spambot software designed to find keyword matches in existing posts).

As a result, you're now banned and all references to the company you're trying to promote are being filtered by our forums software. That means that links to that company will be filtered, even if the member posting it is a satisfied customer We do that from time to time (filter all references to companies caught using spammers) to set an example, so that companies will realize that forum spam can do more harm than good.

Bye. You're not welcome here.
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