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RR30-UK Mar 9, 2003 8:10 PM

FAQ updated at: 08-Mar-2003

I will be updating the FAQs as more info comes about on the RR30 and any info can be read in here.

Is the any other Lithium Battery other than the DB-43 that the RR30 can take?

Well I have searched the net high and low for this information. The Fuji M603 takes a NP-120 Battery which has the same Voltages and mAh and terminal layout as the DB-43.

3.7v and 1800mAh check the images:

The Fuji BC-65 is the charger for the NP-120...I have yet to get anyone to confirm this will work but on looks this battery is the same just different labelling. Pricing of the DB-43 is approx 55 Euros or 36 UKP. so far NP120's in the UK are more expensive.

Note: Hähnel industries ltd say they will have a NP-120/DB-43 clone of this battery in April 2003, but no pricing of this battery as yet, word is also the Contax TVS digital will be using the same type of battery.

What is the latest firmware for the RR30?

v1.11 is the latest firmware at present. (04/Mar/2003)

get it here: RR30-1.11

What is fixed in the Firmware upgrade?

    How do I know what firmware I have in my RR30?

    With the Power turned off put dial onto SETUP first of all. Then Press the Down button, ZOOM In and Power on at same time. It will show the firmware version in the LCD Display like so:
      CPU2 is the Cameras Firmware revision number,
      SH is the amount of shots taken,
      ST is the amount of shots taken with the flash.

      Note: This firmware revision screen will be displayed for about 20 seconds. You will not be able to turn the power off or use any of the other functions during this time. Please wait until this display finishes, at which point the SETUP screen will be displayed.

      How do I upgrade the firmware in the RR30?

      At present the latest firmware 1.11 uses this method: HERE

      What is the largest size of Memory can the RR30 take?

      At present 512Mb with the firmware upgrade 1.04 or above

      Can I make the RR30 waterproof like the 300G?

      Yes, There is availble a cover that makes your RR30 waterproof. for more information goto: DX3000

      The flash seems very weak when used in dark areas, can I do anyting about this?

      Yes, upgrade to Firmware v1.11 or above

      Where is the main support sites for the RR30?

        Is there any RR30 Reviews?

          RR30-UK Apr 13, 2003 7:24 AM

          NEW LINK


          snappy May 16, 2003 10:28 AM

          You can use the DB-40 that is used in the Caplio RR-10. Its slightly thiner and wont last as long, but it works.

          I think RR-30 users should use NiMH AA batteries. They dont put as much pressure on the battery cover. I've seem quite a few broken battery covers on RR-30s due to the doors being "Forced" when trying to shoehorn the DB-43 in.

          snappy May 17, 2003 10:05 AM

          Another good site for ricoh digital.

          BurBunny May 18, 2003 12:08 PM

          Re: RR30 FAQs

          Originally Posted by RR30-UK
          Can I make the RR30 waterproof like the 300G?

          Yes, There is availble a cover that makes your RR30 waterproof. for more information goto: DX3000

          Just as a head's up, if you're wanting to purchase the Sea & Sea underwater housing, you'd better hurry. Sea & Sea has announced that it is now discontinued. They are releasing a new housing, the DX3000G which will fit the Ricoh G3.



          ozematt Sep 16, 2003 10:44 PM

          error code
          hi all my rr30 is displaying an error code 00-00-00 30-00-28
          has anyonme had this same trouble and if so how did u fix it
          apart from this i love my little camera ,it can give great results particually in macro mode

          snappy Sep 18, 2003 6:11 AM


          Sorry to tell ya this, but that error code is bad. The camera will have to go back for a service.

          ozematt Sep 18, 2003 6:58 AM

          so is it anything i have done to the camera or is it just a problm that happens?

          do u know if do they replace the camera with thAT fault or fix it

          it would be intersting to know what sort of delay im looking at

          i have sent the camera away already .


          snappy Sep 19, 2003 8:21 AM

          Dunno if it will be replaced or repaired, I guess its up to Ricoh. The warranty says they could do either. I dont know how it happens. I just know that error codes with 00 00 00 are bad and we have to send the cameras back to them.

          ozematt Sep 19, 2003 9:32 AM

          sad rr30
          thanks for the info ,even though its not good .

          i gues all i want is a new camera or a fixed one that works like new

          mine was purchaced as a dx3000 in australia so it had to be sent back to sae &sea australia they diddent seem like they had heard of this problm before at sea&sea. in oz

          ill just have to wait and see

          matty :cry:

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