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Are there any others out there wondering why we have so many instant CANON reviews as soon as therev out , but no RICOH reviews since 4/21/03 . Is it not within Steves power to review this very nice wide 28m _85m alloy body hot shoe BLACK lovely small camera !!.IF not can we all know why not steve!!! many thanks.
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Actually it is being reviewed as I type. Look for it soon. As for why we don't post many Ricoh reviews -- it is because Ricoh has a very small presence in the U.S. and N. American market.
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Thanks Steve here in the uk it seems you can only get theGX special order from our biggest chain store Jessops, or only one french internet seller or from Ricoh direct, ie you cant take a look at the camera unless you buy it , hope your review will be in depth so we are sure its worth having or not , many thanks.
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Looks like they posted it today, check it out:


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We now have a review from one of the best DP sites (Steves-Digicams of course!)

I am not sure that Steve mentionned it, the GX takes standard AA batteries. That is a great thing. Also shot-to-shot performance was improved with the new firmware, is it the one that was tested? (though shot-to-shot stays poor)

You can put a 1GB SD card in the GX, I am currently testing filling one up with the cool "Interval" function.

Besides the time it takes the flash to get ready, another annoyance with this camera is that the screen goes blank while the picture is stored. Also many people find the Auto white balance too cold.

In the positive points, the camera remembers the settings when it is switched off (except for the zoom). There are cool features for speed shooting, such as step zoom, snap focus, infinite focus, a continuous mode which keeps the last pictures before release.

IMHO excellent choice at this price (300).
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It's nice to see the review of the Ricoh Caplio GX. Thanks Steve! Your review was both realistic and pretty fair. I'd like to add my thoughts as a GX owner who's been using the camera daily for almost 5 months.

I'm not a professional photographer, but rather what might be referred to as a "serious amatuer" (or as I like to say it "seriously amatuer":-)). Nevertheless I work quite hard at photography and take a lot of photos everyday.

My experience with the GX has been overwhelmingly positive, but the camera issomewhat quirky. I think Ricoh raised expectations and set themselves up for criticism in 2 ways.

First, is the "professional camera" thing. What is a professional camera? Even the 10D is not considered a professional camera in some circles, and I think the term implies an awful lot..but nobody knows what that is. Arguably no 5meg 1/1.8" sensor digicam can be considered professional.. or maybe any camera can find "professional" use...BUT.. in some ways I do believe the Ricoh GX is closer to that than any other small digicam. I'm referring mainly to it's operating characteristics.The quick response and power off retention of user settings, andmany of the GX'sotheroperation features show that Ricoh was indeed designing this camera for serious photographers, to feel and act like a "real" camera. Despite the somewhat slow write times after 2 consecutive shots, for anything short of sports/action photography this camera is as responsive as they come. My GX BTW, only takes 3 to 4 seconds max to write the files following 2 consecutive shots that can be taken within 1 second of each other. After the 3-4 second lull it's ready for 2 more quick shots. I don't think that's unreasonable, at least in my case I've yet to find myself waiting on the camera.

Second, Ricoh offer the GX as a "digital GR1". For those who don't know, the GR1 is maybe the best compact 35mm camera ever developed, offering fixed focus modes, and 28mm fixed lens that is so good itwas even offered in a separate Leica mount, as well as aperture priority etc. Those are might big shoes to fill, but the GX really does a pretty good job. If one considers that they've kept the cost of the GX roughly equivalent to a film GR1, around $400-$500US and factors in the additional digital benefits, if you were a GR1 owner looking for a digital, you could do a lot worse. The lens on the GX is quite remarkable for a wide zoom, IMO, but there's no way it can match the GR1sprime 28mm lens.. still, at 28mm it is not too far off. The main difference I can see is that it has significantly greater barrel distortion at wide angle and close up. I solved that problem for myself by simply adjusting using the Panotools PS plug-in. Not unusual for a wide compact zoom, but elsewhere the Ricoh GR lens technology that they mention shows in remarkable sharpness and very little light falloff and vignetting.

In real world pictures I've taken, many enlarged to 12X16, I've found very little evidence of artifacts, and the CA purple fringing is all but eliminated if cloudy white balance or custom white balance is used along with care taken to not blow out highlights. This means some underexposure needs to be dialed in with the exp comp, or that the histogram be used to set manual exposure that is no more that 3/4 of the way to the right. Thanks to the GX 's well designed controls interface, these adjustments are easily made.

The Ricoh GXtakes some getting used to, and requires some thinking to get the best image quality, but from an operation standpoint I think most semi-pros or pro photographers will find it more rewarding to use than most consumer and prosumer digicams with the exception of perhaps the Leica D2. And if the Leica D2 begs comparison to a Leica M, and the Ricoh GX can be compared to the GR1, the GX does just as good a job of living up to those expectations as the D2 to the expectations of its owners.

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