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I am getting ready to purchase a gx-8 and need to know which flash works best with it and where can I purchase Ricoh accessories in the US. I am sold on ricoh ever since I purchased (new) and XRP in the early eighties. I also owned a Miria too. Man am I showing my age or what? I have looked at many new digital cameras and finally settled on a Ricoh for obvious reasons. My real question is why aren't there many Ricoh digital cameras on the market. I think the brand name is far superior than most other manufacturers. I hope to learn a lot from the group and posting in the group too. Thanks for your help
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I am a GX8 user. I did not Ricoh until I heard and read about the review of Gx8 last yr. I brought the gx8 because last yr when it released, it was the only DC that was 8MP (big jump for me from 4 to 8), compact, wide angle (first), allow more manual controls and with external flash. Good general review on line. Price was within my budget. Plus I dont know a lot about DC or DSLR.

Then of course, afterward lots of similar DC flooded out in the summer time.

The Ricoh GR Digtal is quite well known by the world. So as the R3 and now the R4. I think it is not well known because its market share is small (compare to Canon, Nikon etc) and DC is not their mainsteam product.

I used Sunpak 144PC flash (previous from my old slr) as the external flash for the gx8. I added a soft box (or diffuser).

check out my blog, http://ctlai.blogspot.com for the images that I shooted with the gx8.

I am practising the best flash setting to do indoor photos. so far, iso 100, f2.5, 1/30s works for me (without hand shake)

the only thing I dont like the gx8 is the zoom, only up to 85mm optical. I planned to get a teleconverter and temped to try out stacking two.

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I use GX8 and use and old Canon EZ440 speedlight is part of my Canon SLR kit.

I use it on full manual setting and it is just a case of setting the zoom to cover the GX8 zoom setting and then keying in to synch with distance and aperture. Very reliable and very fast refresh rate .... no longer tied to the slowish GX8 flash rate.

By the way are you using AA batteries of are you using the dedicated flat battery? From my measurements, the refresh rates cuts down from 11 seconds to 4.

Warning, when choosing an external flash, then there's something you need to check. According to what I have read, there is the possiblity of harming the camera if the flash's trigger voltage is higher than the camera can stand.
OTHER FORUM MEMBERS: Please Comment on this last bit ... I think I have got the gist but I do not understand the tech specifics of the danger.

Best wishes

Glyn Powell
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Hello. This is another GX8 user.

I use an unpretensious but very affordable external flash. That's an unknown german brand called Unomat, guide number 20 at ISO 100, previous from my old analogical camera. It works pretty well with the GX8, absolutely no problems till now.

I'm pretty satisfied with the GX8 :-). Can't immagine purchasing a more expensive Canon or Nikon or Sony without better performances ...

The GX8 is great:
- great image quality, not behind Canon, Nikon or Sony!
- 28 mm lens
- 8 MP
- AA batteries
- aperture priority mode (not a mere point' n shoot...)
- ergonomically fine
- fast reactions
- many settings options
- particularly interesting for me is the Text mode, i.e. shooting texts and having an 8 MP image like a fotocopy, very useful for library fans ...
- and last but not least ... a HOT SHOE for an external flash!

The User Guide says the following: "A flash on the market very rarely have a X contact of opposite polarity. This kind of flash may not only not work but also cause a problem to the camera".

Probably a japanese wrote that (i love Japan, it's a great country with great people, girls are wonderful, wow!). The point is the following: some flashes (but that's quite uncommon) have opposite polarities on the hot shoe. Where most ones have +, that one has -, and where most ones have -, that one has +. If this were the case, that flash was going to damage the camera cause of the reversed polarity. But ... don't worry about that, almost surely your flash is a NORMAL polarity one ... I have never seen an opposite polarity flash!

How great is the GX8!
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