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I got an HZ10W a few days ago, and have been taking a lot of photos with it over the last few days. My previous camera was/is the Canon PowerShot A540.

My thoughts so far:
-The wide-angle lens is great, I can get much better shots without having to move so far back.
-The zoom is great compared to the 4x I'm used to.
-The connector is some proprietary thing, and there is no way to connect the camera to a computer, or charge it without this connector. Extra space is not an issue, so WHY no put a normal usb connector on the camera as well?
-Focus seems a little slower, and a little less reliable than on the A540, but not tremendously so.
-OIS is nice to have, but so far I haven't noticed any improvement over the A540 in the percentage of photos that come out clear and sharp.
-Lens is sort of wobbly, and sometimes makes a disturbing "clink" noise if you are walking with the camera turned on an lens extended. I'm not sure if this is a bad sign in the long term, or something I should just ignore.
-Although the stats here and at dpreview suggest otherwise, this camera DOES have a fast continuous shooting mode, which will take photos at around 2fps.
-This camera DOES NOT show the most recently shot image on the screen in continuous shooting mode, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to force it to. Since there is no optical viewfinder, it is basically impossible to frame a moving subject during continuous shooting. I pray that Samsung will release some firmware update and fix this nonsense.
-The camera is fairly easy to use, even one-handed. I find the shutter button to be a little touchy and unpredictable (sometimes a half-press shoots a photo, other times it won't shoot at all unless you fully release the button and wait a moment). Part of this might just be that I'm used to the Canon button.
-Except for the lens, the camera seems well built and sturdy.

Biggest complaint:
The AUTO mode on the camera is somewhere between bad and totally stupid. It doesn't seem capable of setting the ISO lower than about 200 in almost every condition, and often sets it up to 400 or 600. This means that almost all images taken in AUTO mode have a lot more noise than they do when I use AUTO with the A540. I have learned that I have to shoot in P mode all the time and keep the ISO fixed low if I want decent photos. Even then, the noise can be rather high.

I am still trying to decide whether to keep this camera or send it back.

I've posted a bunch of sample photos I took with the two cameras yesterday. These are 7mp for the HZ10W, and 6mp for the A540. Some were taken in auto-mode and some in P mode.

I'd be happy to hear what other forum members think.


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Sarcaza wrote:
I got an HZ10W a few days ago, and have been taking a lot of photos with it over the last few days. My previous camera was/is the Canon PowerShot A540.

I'd be happy to hear what other forum members think.

I have also purchased the HZ10W recently, coming from a Casio.

I won't say much about the casio, except that it was great at creating pictures with red-eye.

I find several things about the Samsung really wonderful. First, is the lack of red-eye. This is partially because it seems to be automatically removing it, and partially because I now take a lot more pictures without flash, using the dual stabilize feature.

I went on an outing to take some nature pictures and posted them here;


Most were taken with the "Forrest" setting, to enhance the greens.

I am finding that I like the HZ10W more ane more as I use it, and become more familiar with its features.


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