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AbsoluteZero May 4, 2007 10:48 AM

enjoy :)

rgvcam May 8, 2007 12:05 PM

It looks like you have to be registered to read the full reviews on epinions now. It won't be long before you will need an account to read anything on web at all.

Why don't you cut and past your review here so we don't have to register just to read it?

AbsoluteZero May 10, 2007 6:48 PM

Oh wow im really sorry about that.
ths whole registering thing is getting out of controll, I agree.

anywho..not much of a review but here goes.

First off, you must use the 4 megapixel mode. not the 5mp. the 5mp mode has a bug and photos are terrible.. who knows.. and guess what.. who cares. surprise!!! megapixels means nothing.

This camera takes incredible pictures. I have owned many cameras and operated even more, including:
canon s230, s400, A70
panasonic fz4
kodak v530
casio qvr51
fuji mx1200

and others I cant think off hand. but regardless, this cameras photos beats them all. Why? youl have to see for yourself. The photos are not really really sharp like canon and others, but the way the colors BLEND together, and the overall exposure just looks amazing. some photos almost have an HDR look to them. best photos ever.
video is good too, best part is the small size of them. uses mpeg4 codec, they look GOOD. Love this camera, goes everywhere with me.

The sound is kinda crappy in video mode. my old kodak v530 sound was easily twice as good. also, no anti-shake (thats worth anything) all video shooting needs to be held steady. Has a bug in the white balance were it does not hold its setting and sometimes it will not change without "cycling" through all the modes first.. very weird.. anoying.

overall. wicked awesome. the iso isnt really high compared to other cams out today.. but the iso400 is NOT blochy with crappy color and terrible noise. instead, its just slightly grainy... and looks fine! LCD is good in the sun too, no problems there.

some sample pics:

all woods shots are at max iso 400

enjoy :)

Pics, small video size, voice recording, very good looking high ISO photos.

Video sound (muffled low quality), audio sync, white balance bug (no fix)

The Bottom Line
really nice cam. without the little issues it would be the best.

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