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Default Returning our TL350

Received our TL350 about eight days ago. With only about 60-70 test shots a day for 5 days (did not use camera at all on 3 days), the TL350 hung up (froze) three times. When the hang up happens, nothing works on the camera but the display is still viewable. The only way to use the camera again was to remove and reinstall the battery.

It seems that the hang up occurs when the playback button is pressed to review pictures just taken. I'm not 100% sure that that's what happened for all 3 hang ups (especially the first hang up) but I'm about 90% sure.

The low light picture quality for the TL350 that I tested is not better than the ZS7 that I tested previously. It's about the same noise wise. It did not exhibit excessive noise reduction artifacts so that was a plus but then I didn't really have an opportunity to test it a lot in low-light conditions shooting people.

The outdoor picture quality matches the ZS7 in sharpness throughout the TL350's 5x zoom range. The ZS7's default color saturation in auto is a bit better. Not that the TL350's color saturation was bad and I was very happy with it looking at the images on my computer monitor. It was the side-by-side comparison on the monitor where the ZS7's slightly better color saturation became apparent.

The TL350's sweep panorama, 10 fps, and precapture features work well and I was very happy those features.

But the camera is for my wife and she won't tolerate a camera that hangs up in use (and I won't either). So the TL350 is being returned.

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An additional problem that I had with our TL350 that I just remembered. When taking a test photo in low-light, the TL350 couldn't make up its mind whether to fire the flash or not.

When the first snap did not fire the flash, I looked at the playback and the image was on the under-exposed side. Without moving I snapped another picture and the flash fired. When I saw that, I took about 8 more snaps and sometimes the flash fired and sometimes it didn't. --- I moved back about 3 feet and took about 8 more snaps and the flash fired every time.

Checking the flash-not-fired images on the computer, the ISO was 400 and looked severely underexposed. It seems that the first set of snaps had lighting just at the borderline of the TL350's decision whether to fire the flash or not so sometimes it fired and sometimes it didn't. Moving back 3 feet let the metering decide that the flash was always needed.

The hang ups and the flash not firing resulting in underexposed images make me think that Samsung's firmware is a bit immature. Just my take and experiences on the particular camera I received. It may be due to the specific camera I received and not common problems to all TL350s.

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Shame that all that waiting and proselytizing was for nothing.
Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.
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The firmware problems with the TL350 (See DPR Samsung Forum) seem to be problems affecting the video and raw images. I think it still may be a viable choice, if you stay in .jpeg format and don't use video.

Sarah Joyce

Sarah Joyce
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