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misquitas Apr 24, 2007 4:26 PM

Hi there,
I know that the article (mentioned below) has been mentioned elsewhere in this website, but it is worth emphasising that Samsung was the "big winner" of 2006, with its market share rising from 3.8% in 2005 toan impressive 7.8%in 2006.
There must have been something -- good (or cheaper) cameras or simplygood marketing skills -- that has made Samsung digital cameras so popular among buyers all over the world.

Now, hopefully, websites that review digital cameras (including this one) will accord more space to review Samsung cameras, which otherwise have been largely reserved for the bigfour -- Canon, Sony,Nikon and Kodak. For example, the Samsung S850seems to have been released earlier this year, but none of the "major" digital camera reviewing websites seem to have bothered to review this supposedly feature-rich camera. Something seems to be wrong somewhere.

What Say?




Samsungis fifth largest Digital Cameraseller in 2006!

(News article from the PMA Newsline International)

Canon Inc., Tokyo, Japan, took the top market share in global digital camera shipments in 2006, and Samsung Electronics, Seoul, South Korea, jumped to fifth place from ninth a year ago, Framington, Mass.-based researcher IDC said.
Canon shipped 19.7 million digital cameras in 2006, accounting for 18.7 percent of the overall market. Canon's shipments jumped 23.3 percent from 2005, accoridng to IDC.
Industrywide digital camera shipments in 2006 rose 14.5 percent to 106 million units from a year earlier, driven by the strong popularity of DSLR models geared toward photo enthusiasts and professionals and growing demand in emerging markets, IDC said. DSLR shipments grew 39 percent to 5 million units last year.
Sony Corp., Tokyo, Japan, was No. 2 in the market with a 15.8 percent share, up from 15.2 percent in 2005, benefiting from its entry into the DSLR market, according to IDC. Eastman Kodak Co., the only U.S. company among the top five digital camera makers, ranked third with 10 percent, a drop from its 14.2 percent share a year earlier. Japan-based Olympus Corp., which came in fourth, trimmed its share to 8.6 percent from 9.8 percent in 2005.
"The big winner in 2006 was Samsung, who displaced Nikon and became the fifth-largest seller of digital cameras in the world," said Christopher Chute, an IDC analyst.
Samsung expanded its market share to 7.8 percent in 2006, a huge jump from the 3.8 percent it had a year earlier. Its shipments more than doubled, IDC said.
Nikon Corp., Tokyo, Japan, the world's second-biggest maker of professional cameras after Canon, ranked No. 6 in the overall digital camera market with a 7.6 percent market share in 2006.
Canon also dominated the growing DSLR market, securing a 46.7 percent share in 2006, with its shipments rising 30.7 percent from a year earlier. But its share was trimmed from the 49.5 percent it had in 2006 amid increased competition from rivals.
Nikon secured the No. 2 position in DSLRs with a 33 percent market share. Its shipments jumped 35.9 percent. Sony, which bought the DSLR unit of Konica Minolta Holdings shipped 326,240 DSLRs in 2006, accounting for 6.2 percent of the market.


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