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Afternoon everyone,

I was wondering if someone here can help me out.

I'm an absolute amateur photographer and have almost always simply used the Auto Mode on any camera I had. I therefore have very limited knowledge on anything regarding photography. I bought the Digital Camera Bible a few days ago and am busy studying that as we speak.

Irecently bought a Samsung WB500 / HZ10W and since this camera has a Manual Setting in which I can change things like shutterspeed and aperture, I was hoping to use this camera to learn these functions more properly and takebetter photos.

I have several types ofphotos I would like to take using the Manual Mode of the Camera but am still puzzled as to which setting I need to have for which type of photo. What I basically need to know is what, in general, good settings are when using the Manual mode for aperture, shutterspeed and the like for taking good sharp photo's of the environments I'm going to describe below:
  • IceHockey photo's
    I frequently go to see hockey games and would very much like to take sharp, fully zoomed in action shots of a player taking a slapshot or something like that. This means I will be using the 10X optical zoom to the max and would still like to have very sharp images of extremely fast movements
  • Close Up Insect and Plant photo's
    I would like to take photo's of plants and insects I see, in which the subject would need to be very sharp and the background blurred.
  • Scenery photo's
    I would like to take photo's of landscapes and impressive sights I see. This means very sharp images where the detail in the distance should be as sharp as it can possibly be
  • Indoor photo's with low light
    I would like to shoot photo´s indoor with low light without using the flash and still having nice sharp images with descenet exposure
  • Night photo's shot in low light to almost no light at all
    I would also like to shoot sharp photo´s when walking my dog at night without using the flash to ruin the mood.
I know that aSLR camera is best, but considering the price, small size, 10X zoom and HD movies theWB500is the best choice for me and Imwas hoping that someone here can help me along with this in order to get the best possible results.

As for the WB500 / HZ10W itself, it's awesome and considering information on this camera is still very hard to find on the web at this moment, I started a different thread here in which I will share everything and anything anyone wants to know.


I'll also post sample photo's of situations which people request. If you do request a particular type of photo, please let me know which settings to use in order to take them, otherwise I'll just use the Auto Mode.

Many thanks in advance for any replies
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Well impressed reviews and great detailed photos of camera.

This camera seems to be very easy interface and simple to handle it.

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