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Warpo Mar 13, 2013 9:29 AM

GPS10 Onscreen Message Question

I am a new member here, and of course, I have a question.

I recently purchased the GPS10 unit and it works just fine on both my NX10 and NX100's. The Latitude and Longitude are accurate and correctly placed in the EXIF.

When the ubit is active there is a small circle with crosshairs at the top center of the rear screen, this I am assuming is merely to indicate that the camera senses that the unit is active. After the unit acquires the satellites, a location appears under the crosshairs. In my case, I am in the county of Onondaga, NY and the word 'Onondaga' shows.

In some obscure place in Samsung online information (very sparse to begin with) is mentioned there are thousands of locations in the Unit data base and images taken can be organised by them as a reference.

Finally, the question(s) is there a place that lists these available locations and/or what software can use these locations?

Images of the above crosshair and name can be seen on my personal website below:

Thanks in advance for any viewing or answers.

Warpo (Greg)

Warpo Mar 15, 2013 10:46 AM

After some Internet searching, I found a site that at least will give some information using the locations from the GPS10.

Description The USGS Topographic Base Map from The National Map. This tile cached web map service combines the most current data services (Boundaries, Names, Transportation, Elevation, Hydrography, Land Cover and others) that make up The National Map and displays them in a Topographic view. New contours generated from the National Map US Topo product are included and are visible along with other data down to the 1:18,000 zoom scale.

Simply putting in, for example, Onondaga county NY, centers full image map of Onondaga County on the screen with whatever POI's are available. It is fun to play with even without a GPS10

Warpo Mar 18, 2013 6:30 PM

Hate to keep posting re: this unit, however, I found a bit of info that is not widely distributed. The most information on the GPS10 shows it as an NX100 only accessory. I have it working on my NX10 as well. The Hong Kong Samsung websites has the following info:


Compatible Models: NX10, NX20, NX100, NX210, NX1000

Just might make the current price on e*ay of < $75.00US ( I got mine as a make an offer at $65) something to consider.

cockneygreg Mar 28, 2013 1:26 PM

Not a bad price,nice tip,thanks

DonalDuc Mar 28, 2013 3:29 PM

You can buy GPS data loggers, sized like a keychain, for EACH camera in price range $40-$70

100.000 till some millions waypoints, saving whole routes, power for 24-96 hours, writing to photo with one mouse click.

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