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Default Nx3000

Well, I've just added a bargain price NX3000 (with power-zoom 16-50mm) into my collection.... 189- including Adobe lightroom 5 editor free..!
I'll update with first/early impressions soon...
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And so- a week later- I'm still having it out with Samsung.... the supplied software doesn't open up the NX3000's RAW files.... what a farce....
They then send me Samsung RAW converter 4- which also doesn't up the RAW files....

Samsung- you are a joke....
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Update the software
Samsung NX system: Bodies: NX-1000, NX-20, Galaxy NX / Lenses: 16mm 2.4, 20 mm 2.8, 45 mm 1.8 2D/3D, 60 mm 2.8 ED OIS SSA, 85 mm 1.4 ED SSA, 18-50 mm 3.5-5.6 ED OIS III, 20-50 mm 3.5-5.6 ED II, 50-200mm 3.5-5.6 ED OIS II / Flash: SEF-8A, SEF-42A / Micro: EM-10 / Remote: SR2NX02
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It might help- but fancy supplying a camera with software which doesn't open up the RAW files from the box- and then Samsung themselves send me an editor/converter which ALSO doesn't open up the RAW files.... are they nuts...!!??

Besides- updating takes over a GB of data- not ideal when you're on a dongle with limitations... and would it recognize the RAW files afterwards...?
Do you have an NX3000 to confirm this...?

But the bottom line- and I say again- fancy supplying a camera with software which doesn't open up its own RAW files...!! Farcical...
I've NEVER had a camera with RAW capability and supplied software which doesn't recognize it's own RAW...!!
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Old Jan 9, 2015, 7:15 AM   #5
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So- Adobe RAW/DNG converter 8.5 converts the NX3000's RAW files to DNG which then uploads to LR5... long way round, but hey...!

As for early conclusions on the camera-
Accurate metering in "multi"- with DR expansion (auto) favouring the protection of highlights.
HDR in camera works very well- provided you use a tripod and stick to static subjects (for obvious reasons).
Auto-focus is quick and accurate- especially if you use 1 area focus (with adjustable area size).
Auto white balance seems to take care of things in pretty much most scenarios- and colour saturation errs on the side of muted- which I like- and even for jpeg shooters gives most room for editing (saturation adjustment is offered in camera for jpeg shooting).
The 16-50mm PZ lens is pretty sharp- especially a stop or two down from wide open- most necessary when shooting at 16mm.
The stabilizer on the lens is very effective and the electronic zoom ring has a nice feel- though you can assign the ring to other functions.
I prefer the ring to the zoom buttons as I pressed the iFunction button too often instead of zooming..!
The supplied "add-on" flash is just that- and for those who plan frequent flash use I'd certainly recommend an upgrade here.
In general- jpeg images will please most "as is" from the camera- with pretty effective high iso noise control when required. Default sharpening is a tad too high for my taste- but can be dialled down for jpeg use.
RAW images seem to offer a great deal of data to play with- especially in the area of highlight retrieval, where there seems to be an awful lot of headroom with accurate colour also.
Using the camera (handling,menu's etc) is much like any other new camera- one good mornings shooting and it'll all be perfectly fine... the Fn button offering direct access to the most frequently adjusted settings.
The screen's visibility/resolution is more than adequate- as is the feel/construction.
If you want a quick "selfie" the full frontal flip of the screen automatically switches the camera on..!
It all feels pretty well constructed and nothing obvious that would cause concern in time- with all dials,switches etc seemingly tight and of a quality well above its price point.
Battery life is "ok"- I'd certainly recommend buying another battery if you plan a long day's shooting- and maybe a separate charger if in-camera charging is not your thing..!
To summarize- a nice little light but well constructed walkabout camera (almost pocketable..!) with reliable and pleasing results for an auto shooter (even at high iso's) and enough to satisfy the more specific/precise manual shooter.
Just remember to scroll through images taken back to front... left is forwards,right is backwards..!

P.S- as for WiFi,face detection,movie shooting- these are things I'm unlikely to use- so if someone else want's to come in here...!

I'll upload some image samples when the weather picks up...!

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