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Default Pentax lens Adaptor

Hello, I've just joined the NX family thanks to finding an new nx100 for 300 at that big blue box store. I absolute love the camera, I love the range of options yet its not much of a jump from my experiences with a Panny ZS7 and Pentax Ist DL. Its sorta hybrid combination of the user friendliness of a PnS with the flexiblity of a large apature and higher ISOs . When I get some money saved up, I hope to get either a pancake or the 18-55 zoom. Right now I am using the kit lens but I have some Pentax DA and some 35mm pentax lenses from the old days. While I know you can buy the samsung k adaptor for under 200, I didn't want to spend that unless I really know if I want to use my old Pentax K and DA lens. Anyone use the cheap k adaptors you find at that large internet auction site? Is there any one ya'll recommend.
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Do any of the Pentax adapters communicate with the body, or do they turn the lens into a fully manual lens ?
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All the NX adapters are manual focus and manual aperture including the official one. While the official K mount adapter is 100 bucks, I decided on a 25 dollar DA-NX adapter from that internet auction site. I decided on a DA adapter because you can use it with a manual K mount plus control the aperture on DA lenses which have no aperture rings. I also have a MD mount adapter for Minolta glass. Minolta glass has a short registration distance which means most SLRs can't use MD lenses, which drives the price down compared to equivalent glass of more popular mounts.

While you can occasionally get a bad Chinese adapter, there isn't much to screw up, all it is a tube with a NX mount on one side and the adapted mount on the other.

This is a moonshot taken with the DA adapter, 2x teleconverter and a Kiron 70-210mm lens. As you can see I didn't have any problems with infinite focus, although it is a hair before the focus stop.
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