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After reading all the reviews and being gobsmacked at the quality of other NV24 owners photos, I took the plunge and bought a NV24 HD. I love my Fuji F40 FD but at 8.3m pixels and with 640x480 video I thought now is the time to move on, I will admit my new camera does photo better in dark situations than my Fuji and the video quality alone means I won't be sending the camera back as it is very good quality for a camera, but no matter what settings I try my photos look pixelated and interpolated as though I'm using an old 2 or 3m pixel camera, as soon as you try to zoom in on them on the pc the quality or lack of it is terrible, with my old Fuji I could just shoot on auto mode and 9 times out of 10 you could zoom in many times and pick up wonderful detail, as the Samsung films well I'm sure it must be something to do with the photosettings, what would you guys recommend for the following photos, landscape, animals, children andflower close upsettings besides using the Scene settings? I have noticed when checking on details in properties on a photo it always says the camera is on 1 in digital zoom even though I haven't used zoom. I'm using a Sandisk 4gb SDHC class 2 SD card, whereas my Fuji only uses a standard Sandisk 2 gb SD card, and won't accept an SDHC card, so I cannot format it and try it out on my Fuji to see if it's faulty.

I'm new here as you can tell, so any advice would be very much appreciated


PS I've taken some photos set Samsung on 7m and Fuji on 8.3m to match as near possible qualtiy and took some photos in the same location today with both cameras the results speak for themselves the Samsung seems very poor in comparison to the Fuji I would put them on here, but apparently they are too big even when resized to 1024 on Irfanview. Where's the best site to post them too so you can see my problems with the Samsung?

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