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The 815 is in stores now here, in Canada, she's a fairly big bit of work alright. It's just about the same price as the Panasonic FZ 30. I know they have a larger sensor, but the high end of the zoom is still only about the same as P'sonics 12X. A N D no image stabilization. IS is the one thing that (IMO) would have made this a real contender. When you start cranking up the zoom, blurry shots are not what you want no matter how much you up the magnification.

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17th Street Photo is showing that they have it in stock now:

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Maybe interesting to read:


> Today at 17:00 PM. I took my PRO-815 back to MediaMarkt shop (u have 15 days
> to do that) I got my money back, and now I know 100% sure I WILL NOT BUY A
> PRO-815 cause I didn't like at all.
> Well to be sincere I guess the optics are very good quality, and an
> excellent sharpness is kept along all the zoom range.
> Start-up time very quick, it writes to memory quickly aswell, the back TFT
> is really big despite being difficult to see with outside daylight
> conditions, and the viewfinder makes very difficult to focus if you work in
> manual mode.
> I haven't found to be very useful this system of having two screens for
> normal or waist level use, cause the upper one is so small that you can
> hardly precise the scene small details, by testing this camera I discovered
> that it is probably better the flip and turning back TFT ones like DMC-FZ30
> where you can have any position.
> What actually deceived me is the noise at any (I say any) ISO sensibility,
> the higher, the noisier, of course, but I stated that even at ISO 50,
> depending of how dark is the scene, you have unacceptable levels of noise,
> and I tried to take some night shots from a hill where you can see my town,
> and for my surprise, I got better results with my SONY W-1 that with the
> 815.
> After taking a photo with long expositions, both the 815 and the W-1 say;
> than after a while, you get the photo, I presume, during this "PROCESSING"
> time the electronics quality has much to do with the achieved result, and
> thus the dirtier or noisier picture means that it is not capable to convert
> this poor or lack of information recorded by the CCD into an acceptable
> photography.
> I don't know it this (self procedure) is accurate or not as a means to
> indicate the quality of the CCD's data processing, for me it has to be.
> The overall quality, chromatic fidelity, so and so.
> The battery charge doesn't keep too long I presume it's because of the
> long use of the back TFT
> The movie mode, nothing to write home about,
> I'd say that my W-1 does better.
> So after my personal test I got very deceived.
> I was needing to test it, after so long wait, now I think I'll probably buy
> the FZ-30, despite its noise I think it does not degrade the image too much
> and the 815 does.

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