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So, I just picked up the Samsung Digimax L60 yesterday for $229 at Target. I was looking for a decent, cheap digital camera that would record video at 640X480 at 30fps and encode into MPEG4. This camera fit the bill nicely. I mainly wanted the MPEG4 endonding, so I could fit a good bit of video on the camera. I was a bit worried that the video quality wouldn't be quite what I was looking for, but it is pretty awesome. I had a lot of trouble finding any videos recorded from cameras like this on the internet, so I made a test video today and uploaded it for everyone to check out. This file is 1:12 and clocks in at just under 25 meg. This is a raw, unaltered file that is exactly how it came off of the camera. I originally loaded it onto YouTube, but their compression really degraded the quality. Now, it is on Putfile, and it seems to be in perfect original quality. The video won't start until it is completely downloaded, and it is 25 meg, so be patient after you click on the link. It will play. Hope you all enjoy.


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Thanks so much for posting the clip! I am in exactly the same situation as you, looking for a cheap, compact digican that will shoot good quality MPEG4 VGA video, and strongly considering this Samsung. The quality from this one looks quite nice, especially with the relatively low bitrate compared to typical MJPEG cameras.

This one now sells for $200 at various stores, and I will likely be picking one up soon.

I was really hoping the motion stabilization would be effective or useful, so that part was a shame to hear. If you're even still around, can you comment on what it does to the quality of the videos?

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Same here. I have been looking for an inexpensive MPEG4 device ever since I lost my Aiptek IS-DV camcorder recently. The reason I have been looking at cameras instead of the hybrids is that they have CCD's and autofocus which the cheaper hybrid cameras such as Aiptek do not.

I also noticed that there are very few reviews for brands outside of the most popular ones and because of this it is often difficult to find out how good or even how reliable they are, due to the fact that with so few reviews, one bad review can skew the results.

That video looks pretty good to me though and it does look like more and more cameras are going the MPEG4 route over time.

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This is almost a great camera for video. 2 problems-

1. Stabilization is not quite there. It stabilizes very well, the problem is that the picture has artifacts. It looks like the camera is re-focusing a lot.

2. Low-light video is very grainy, grainier in my experience than other digicams.

I think I'm going to get a Casio Z750. The video quality seems a bit better, since the optical stabilization in the Samsung is not quite ready for prime time.

Too bad, this is a very inexpensive camera! Maybe the new models will be better in these aspects-
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