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Hi everyone, thanks for listening...

I have a Digimax V4 and am experiencing the same problems as some of the people at this forum, on the thread entitled Samsung Digimas V4 Power Consumption...

I am living in Athens Greece and so i called the service people who were NO help whatsoever, they checked the camera, told me it was fine, sent it back to me, charged me for their time as supposedly there was nothing wrong with it, but then i got it back and it STILL has the same problems!!!

Unfortunately this is not the states - perhaps if it was , they would not dare just not address the problem , the customer is not always right here...

I am really ready to throw the thing out. I wouldn't even GIVE to someone as it is more a problem than anything else...

Does anyone know if i can contact Samsung overseas to have it checked? The greek people are insisting that the fact that it takes 10 or so photos and then the batteries run out is fine! they are also saying that i should let it "rest" between shots! and that shots taken with the flash will of course make the photos less than 10 in total!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THEY INSISIT ON ALL OF THIS... can someone please tell me what an average digital camera takes? If i put brand new rechargeable, high quality batteries in it, how many days should it be ok under normal holiday use for example? with my camera now i might take 5 photos adn then it will shut down and that's it..

I also used to have a Samsung mobile phone which also had the same problem.. It would only last 1 and a half days and then it would go down and need recharging.... I now have a NOKIA and it has absolutely no problem lasting 3 days or so ...

thanks for listening any advice is appreciated..

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What batteries are you using AA alkalines? If so then don't! Use either rechargeable AA NiMH batteries or the CRV3 lithium - they will last a LOT longer than alkalines.

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Hi Steve, thanks for your reply...

well i am certainly NOT using AA alkaline , although their specs say that one is able to use them if one wants. .. I tried this at the beggining, being a novice and to my big surprise the camera took 1-3 shots and went dead!!! i bought some more aa Alkaline and it used up all 8 batteries without taking a SINGLE photo!

so then i went to the rechargeable ones recommended and had the results i am talking about above...

no, it is most definitely not a problem with the batteries, it is a problem with the camera and the company.. i have looked on the web , on your site and others' and there are SO many complaints against SAMSUNG around... this is not by chance.... there is never smoke without a fire..

so i wanted to put my two cents in also to add more fire to the mix because i feel that Samsung is acting very badly and they should not be allowed to get away with it... i have spent 360 euro ( supposedly reduced from 500! ) which doesn't work! it is nothing to them to replace it but to me it is a lot of money...

if they want to keep going as a company they are going to have to find better ways of manufacturing and doing business. I SAY BOYCOTT SAMSUNG , i certainly am going to...

thanks again for your reply though...

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Hi Cielle!

Sad to hear that you're experiencing problems with your camera.
I currently own a Digimax Pro 815 and have no complaints at all...

You say you started with alkaline batteries that went dead after 3 pictures. This is quite normal for digital camera's, especially when you keep the LCD turned on.
It was a good decision to switch to rechargable batteries, they last a lot longer.

I'm curious about two things:

- What's the millampere (mA) of the batteries? 1000, 1500, 2700, 3000...
- Did you charge the batteries right after purchase, before using them the first time?
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I have had 3/4 Samsung digicams and NEVER experianced any battery problems whatsoever, i guess your just unlucky. Samsung cams are no better or worse in this dept than any other.
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