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Yup, I also don't bother with DVD MPEG-2 format, I just convert the MP4 video files to AVI with MP4CAM2AVI and watch them on my DivX compatible DVD player.

Works great!

Part of the trouble with these cameras is the amount of noise inherent in the video. There is a new version of "neat video" which drastically reduces noise in video, I want to buy that. Trouble is,the programtakes hours to process even short videos. The results are dramatic (I tested the trial version), but you have to leave your computer on while it works. It works as a virtualdub filter, so I guess it's not really "batch" friendly, i.e. you cannot tell it to simply process an entire directory of videos and it just works until it's done. Maybe version 2 will have that?

It looks like I'll just have to buy one of those new dual-core computers that has the horsepower to crank on tasks like this. Sigh...
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Hey Grunchy

You may know there are other freeware video filters for VirtualDub, such as :


("mine" and "hosted")

I find that this filter called "high quality smoother" by Klaus Post


works really well, much better than other "denoise" filters, while preserving sharpness and clarity of the image. However, as in your Neat Video filter, it is a slow process (about 2.5 fps conversion rate using VD on my PIII 1.7 GHz PC).
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I have the C40 model.I use Nero to make dvd movies.I find it less confusing then the software that came with the camera.:G
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I've had very good results putting C6 footage on DVDs. My working method is different than others described here because I have a Sony Vaio with an MPEG-2 compression card that compresses in better than real time (ie. it can compress a 6 minute video in 5 minutes). But I must create a DV file compressed with the Sony's DV codec in order to feed the MPEG card.

I use MP4Cam2AVI to put the Sanyo footage into AVI containers. I usually use Womble's MPEG-2 editor to make my video (I wonder if the developer has any clue his software is a dandy MPEG-4 editor.) I save out the DV file from Womble scaled to 720x480. I then compress it to 8.5 Mbit MPEG-2 and author the DVD.

The results are good considering the footage went through 3 codecs. You wouldn't confuse the video for that shot on my Sony TVR 950 (a $2,500, 3-chip camcorder that *never* leaves its Pelican case) but the C6 footage is better than consumer SuperVHS circa 1991. And I used to lug around 25 lbs of gear to get worse results than the C6 I now carry in my shirt pocket.
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