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sambrown Aug 25, 2006 5:07 PM

Hi there,Have I got a faulty Xacti C6? The sound distorts when the sound source gets (even slightly) loud. I've filmed my wife's classical trio which is not exactly loud at all, but when they are playing anything above 'forte' it's unwatchable footage.Does this sound familiar toy anyone?Thanks in advance.Sam

bsumpter Aug 25, 2006 5:13 PM

Hey Sam...

Unfortunately, I've noticed the same with my C6. I play in a rock band, and my wife usually shoots video of the gigs. Last weekend we did a gig and she had her Canon DV camera on a tripod and the C6 handheld for closeups. The sound from the Canon was PERFECT. The sound from the Xacti was HORRIBLE.

I pulled the file up in Vegas and it was obvious that it was clipping throughout the entire clip. Apparently the larger DV camcorders have some sort of built in compression to prevent clipping, and the little C6 obviously does not.

I'm very dissapointed in the sound quality. I love everything else about this camera, and will probably still keep it around just as a quick grab and go camcorder / camera. But it will not work for what I originally bought it for, which was a small in your face camcorder at these gigs.

I'm going to try putting some tape and foam over the holes in the front to cover the mic the next gig we play. I think if I can cut down the total amount of sound reaching the mics it will probably be fine. But the way it stands it clips like crazy, and sounds like crap.

I feel your pain ....

bsumpter Aug 25, 2006 5:17 PM

You know it just occured to me that this could possibly be fixed with a firmware update. I know they can't add a compression engine to the C6, but if they could simply add a gain control to the mics it would be fixable. That way if you know you're going to be somewhere where the sound is loud, you could pull the mic gain back and keep it from clipping.

Just a thought.... I may send Sanyo an email and see what they say.

sambrown Aug 26, 2006 2:22 AM

Thanks, my friend. You saved me a long road trip to take the unit back.One day I'll buy another camcorder and keep the Xacti for more casual shoots.I like the idea of a firmware update - let me know who you write to and I'll send my own request. The more pestering they receive the more likely they are to act upon it.RegardsSam

Caelum Aug 28, 2006 8:06 AM

Yeah, mine as well. Recording appears to have a fixed volume and with anything loud there's clipping, butI also noticed other compact digicams (and phonecams) have the same problemand oftenmuch worse.

Here is a sample of it occuring with my C6 (keep in mind this is re-compressed video):

steve Aug 28, 2006 11:31 AM

Don't know if it will help but have you tried changing the WIND NOISE REDUC setting in the setup menu? I don't remember if it is on or off by default, I keep mine off.

sambrown Aug 28, 2006 3:16 PM

Thanks Steve & Caelum.I have not experimented with the noise reduction and 'wind noise' settings. I imagine the wind noise thing is just an eq filter around 200 to 400 hz.Any thoughts on contacting Sanyo for help with this? I like the sound of a firmware update....Steve - thanks for such a great site . You really helped me make the right decisions!YoursSam

adamx Oct 26, 2006 10:53 PM

Curious if anyone has figured out a workaround for this. I just bought the C6 to make live performance videos, but the audio clipping makes it nearly useless for this purpose.

sambrown Oct 27, 2006 9:07 AM

Hi there,Well, I'm just living with cac sound. If the conditions are right the sound is fine, but a breath of wind and it's not good at all. The good thing that has come of this is I have been collecting a good library of sound effects and my editing skills are getting pretty good! I appreciate though that you cant do this for a live band!When funds allow I might look into a 2nd camcorder - perhaps one of the hard-disc ones....Please post any news on this subject - ie news of firmware updates etc etc.Bye,Sam

rich24v Nov 6, 2006 1:30 PM

Hello all

I have a HD1a

Very please with it, however...I find the focussing a bit iffy, have to use the manual focus a lot.

Now the biggest problem I have at the moment is the sound.

Primary reason for buying this cam was for recording in-car footage on road and track. The sound quality is absolutely appaulling, I have tried all combinations of noise reduction and wind noise settings, have found best result to have both switched off.

The sound quality is still very very poor even then. I had a JVC dv cam which was much better with the sound. I thought the cam mount was transmitting sound and vibes into the cam body, so have tried a sony stereo mic which is no better, in fact to be honest is worse and eventually the sound stops working altogether after a couple miles driving.

Would like to know if anybody else has had success with ext mic's and which ones ?

The firmware upgrade sounds good, but I'd have thought if the problem existed in the c6, then why did Sanyo allow it to happen with the Hd1a


Richard (UK)

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