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Caelum,......you're right, 8 1/2 minutes of continuous video is the limit on any size card. That is simply no limitation to me, though it might be to you. We all have our individual uses for these things and duration of video, non stop, simply isn't a limitation that affects my uses.

The point that I tried to make was that I only take short clips at a time, period. However, since I don't carry a computer in my back pocket I will need a 4GB card to get me by for a couple of days at a time.

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Old Dec 4, 2006, 6:49 PM   #12
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Many thanks everyone. I will be wating for the release of the new Panasonic HDC-SD1 before I part with the dollars.

If anyone spots the camera(Steve!) then a heads up review would be great.

Thanks once again
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Old Dec 11, 2006, 6:07 AM   #13
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Well I sold my Xacti C6 on eBay and bought a Panasonic SDR-S150.

The difference is like between night and day. The Panny takes superb video! Albeit at a higher price. It is still just about small enough to put in a coat pocket.

So it's thank you and farewell to this forum, with a recommendation to take a look at the SDR-S150 if you are in any way unhappy with your Xacti. :bye:

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Old Dec 11, 2006, 7:55 AM   #14
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A recommendation with a little more detail would be helpful, at least to me. The S150 uses MPEG2 rather than MPEG4 compression. What are its MPEG artifacts like, when compared to the C6? How well does it perform in low light, as the CCD imagers are only 1/4 the surface area of the C6?

I read the review at
and it says "our footage didn't have the same dynamic range, especially in low light, where image noise was a problem." Do you agree with their analysis?

The high resolution setting only allows 25 minutes of footage on a 2Gig card. How do you assess the compromize of dropping to medium resolution (and 50 minutes capacity) with the S150?

Does the battery really last for 1 hr 20 minutes of non-stop video? Can you change the battery and/or SD card without removing the camera from the tripod? Is there a power socket so the battery can charge while the camera is running (on a tripod)?

Thanks for your insight, and Happy Holidays!

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I have had enough with SDR-S100, which I got it as a Christmas present for myself a year ago.
SDR-SXXX cameras are just video cameras whereas Sanyo Xacties are digital cameras, there is no doubt for that.

Anyone who tried to edit movie clips on a PC already know that it is very painful and complicated to work on it and the quality is disappointing when viewing on a PC screen or High Definition TVs, but the movie plays awesome with my brother's panasonic wide screen TV and DVD player/recorder.

Therefore, my brother now has SDR-S100 and I stick with Xacti C6/HD1 (Got CG6 but it will be gone very soon...)
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