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bobmatnyc wrote:
Just found a new filter called GREYC which (without exaggeration) works magic on noise and removing subtitles, lines, etc. See the <a href="http://www.greyc.ensicaen.fr/~dtschump/greycstoration/demonstration.html">home page</a> for examples.

Its not for the faint of heart -- it only runs under either command-line or as a GIMP plug in for now.

I applied it to the bridge photo I took using the C6 at medium resolution, and the results are pretty spectacular. The left side is the filtered image, the right side is the original. I imagine it would work even better on the original size.

I just found out the C6 has a Noise Reduction feature built-in. Anybody tried it yet? Does it do the same thing as the bridge photo? Thanks.
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Thanks for the information. I will try to follow it to have the MP4 video files converted.

Being not familiar with these processes, where can I get the step by step instructions?

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Download mp4cam2avi there


Once installed, you launch the program, it has a "source Dir" browser to select the file you want to convert (you need to browse and select the video file downloaded from the C6). In the Target file area, specify the output filename (default one is VideoOut.AVI) If you change the name, make sure you keep the extension .AVI (like myname.AVI).

Other options should be good by default, so you should not need to configure anything else, (the option "Leave data as is" should be selected by default).

This will create a new file with the name you specififed. Try then to play this file by double clicking on it. This would launch whatever player you have on your machine setup to play AVI. The default one should be Windows Media Player unless you installed some other ones. If it opens another player than Windows Media player, and you have a problem. Try to launch Windows media player, and then open your file (the AVI converted one) directly from wincows media player and try to play it.

If Windowsmedia player then tells you it cannot play the file because is is an unsupported format. this would mean you do not have a Codec able to play AVI Mpeg4 files installed.

You can download a Free Divx codec (version 5.2.1) at the location below.


After you install this codec, Windows media player or any other player should be able to play your mp4 AVI file.

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