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Old May 1, 2006, 7:24 AM   #21
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hey there CristinaS.. I have the exact same problem.. my c6 came with a dead pixel so I returned it.. sanyo changed the sensor but the new sensor has a dead pixel too (or a very hot one).. I contacted my seller to get another one but I'm affraid of getting an even worst one..
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Old Jun 28, 2006, 10:42 AM   #22
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I got a C40 the other day and had two very visible bad pixels (don't know the difference between dead or hot) when shooting video only, so I returned it.

I read some reviews and saw some sample pics of the C6 and was impressed, so I decided to get one yesterday and am really happy with it.. but now I'm going to do the dead pixel test and see if there's anything going on with this one.

Just to let any C40 owners know that this is an issue with those cameras as well.


Well I just did the test on my new C6 and looks like everything's fine... whew..
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Old Jun 28, 2006, 3:23 PM   #23
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:?My brother has had his c4 for over 1 year. He noticed 2 dead pixels when he first used it. Being honest it really has'ntbeen anybig problem. If these pixels were noticed, he simply blacked them out with a photo package, But most of the time you could'nt see them unless it was poor light.:?I on the other hand own a c6, I can't really say I have noticed any hot or dead pixels when taking pics or vids. But I do have one hot pixel on my LCD screen. At first it annoyed me but now SO What! I did think about sending it back but thought I might get a really bad un back.

Hope this helps you. :-)
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Old Jul 18, 2006, 1:34 PM   #24
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I bought a DMX C6 about a week ago and upon reading a this forum and a few others I decided to test my camera. I put the lens cap on, took a picture at ISO 100, 200 and 400 with the maxmimum resolution and so far no dead pixel..

However,, on the video, I noticed that when I move from a dark place to bright and back to dark, a white pixel is present. Though at the beginning of the video its not there after about 30 minutes its appears..

Heres an actually what happened,I tested by recording non stop..

from my apartment (Dim light),, (result no hot pixel)
then I drove, (sunnyday and bythe way my wife is holding the xacti) (no dead pixel)
and to my friends basement (Dim),, (hot white pixel found),

My question is wny is the dead pixel not present on the pictures while it appears on the video??


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Old Jul 20, 2006, 9:01 AM   #25
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Found this on the web:


"A common complaint amongst digital camera owners of all brands, particularly as their cameras get older, is that of pixels that are always on or off ('stuck' or 'dead').

What is STUCK Pixel?
A Stuck Pixel is a pixel that always reads high or is always on to maximum power on all exposures. This produces a bright pixel usually of red, blue or green in color in the final image. A Stuck pixel will occurs regardless of shutter speed, aperture size or any other user settings. It will occurs on normal exposure and tends to be more obvious under dim condition as it tend to stand out.

What is DEAD Pixel?
ADead Pixel is a pixel that reads zero or is always off on all exposures. This state produces a black pixel in the final image. Similar to STUCK Pixel, a dead pixel will occurs regardless of shutter speed, aperture size or any other user settings. It will occurs on normal exposure and tends to be more obvious under bright condition as it tend to stand out.

NOTE : Do note that STUCK or DEAD Pixel will occurs at the same location for all images. If the location of the STUCK or DEAD Pixel occurs at different location, it may be a HOT Pixel.

What is HOT Pixel?
A 'hot' pixel is a pixel that reads high (Light Up) on longer exposures, and can produce white, red (orange) or green (yellow green) pixels in longer exposures. The longer the exposure the more visible the hot pixels. These pixels become more evident with longer exposures. HOT Pixel may also occurs when the camera heated up during prolong usage for certain cameras. This is due to the fact that when the CCD get heated up, more electrons wander off into the substract by themselves and result in false positives. It is not possible to have a image that is entirely clean of HOT Pixels during long exposure. Therefore in most of Nikon Digital Cameras there is a Noise Reduction mode that can be set from the menu or from certain scenes mode to reduce the effect of HOT Pixels.

Testing for STUCK and DEAD Pixels

A common mistake in testing for Dead or Stuck pixels is to cover the lens with the lens cap, set the camera to AUTO. Setting to Auto will cause the camera to lower the shutter speed thus result in taking a long exposure. This produces some red, greenish and sometimes white pixels. This is a normal state and it is referred to as Christmas Tree artifacting. In addition, a dead pixel is dead all the time and would not show up with this test since the pixel is black.

[align=left]STEP 1 : Take some shots of of normal indoor environment such as a portrait.

STEP 2 : Compare two shot using a photo editor such as Photoshop or Nikon Editor where it allows you to compare two images side by side. If you notice there is a bright pixel occurring on one image, do the comparison on the other image, both should have the bright pixel on the same location. if it is on the same location it can be consider as a HOT pixel."


[align=left]You did say you "record non-stop" - maybe running the camera continuously for some time will make more hot pixels show, whether they are on videos or stills (use the same CCD).[/align]
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Old Aug 24, 2006, 11:16 PM   #26
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I returned my third C6 to J&R a long time ago and I got something else. I'm still searching for something similar to the C6 but I don't know wha to get. What a shame. I loved this camera and I miss not having something like it.
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