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JJ21 Feb 28, 2006 11:53 AM

Hi everyone,First off, thanks to everyone for making this such a great resource for Sanyo C6 owners in which to share, discuss etc.... I've learned a lot reading everyone's posts. Perhaps as a sign of its success, though, it's getting harder and harder to find specific answers to questions using the search function (I remember when this sanyo c6 section had 15-20 topics, now it has close to a hundred!) Anyway, my question is really, REALLY simple:For those of us using Mac's (but in theory this applies to anyone), is there any need to install the programs included on the CD's or will the computer simply recognize the camera as it is? The reason I ask is because my Mac is not recognizing the camera in any way, shape or form. Now I've read other posts where people said similar things and then said for some unknown reason after X number of times, it just started working. Is this what I have to hope for? It seems kind of random and arbitrary, no?Anyway, I know this isn't a technical question, but really it seems vital to me, since without being able to put these pictures and movies I've recorded (using a brand new Sandisk 2gb Ultra II SD card) onto my powerbook G4, I feel like I only have half a camera.Any ideas, suggestions, input (like how to check whether the card, cable, computer are ok and not the problem) are welcome and appreciatedThanksJJ21

Tom in AR Feb 28, 2006 5:11 PM

You don't need to install any of the software in order to use it with OSX on the Mac. I've got a C6, and when I pop it in the dock (and then you have to press that little black button on the dock) then it connects and opens up iPhoto to import the pics and videos.

Are you pressing the black button on the dock?

Does iPhoto launch when you connect other cameras?

JJ21 Feb 28, 2006 11:59 PM

Hey Tom,Well, it was just a case of waiting till the camera decided to cooperate. Really, what a weird creature. Two days without any recognition whatsoever, and then suddenly it starts to work. Anyway, I'm glad that everything is now working the way it should and that nothing was 'defective' on the unit. Thanks for your point about iPhoto though, it's a good way to keep your albums up to date with whatever your shooting.

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