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I will occassionally need to film breakdancing competitions in nightclubs where the surrounding light is very poor. I'm looking for a CHEAP way to get a bit of extra light.

I see there is the camerabright stuff. I'm most tempted by the "phone bright" attachment since when filming I only need enough light to get a watchable view, additionally I can't be shining a bright light onto the floor as it would be too intrusive. It seems that the phone bright won't easily work with the C6 though, since the c6 doesn't have a headphone jack.

So I'm left with the lowest model CameraBright products. The problem here is that they attach to the tripod mount thread, which is normally obscured by my hand. So if I was to use one of the CameraBrights I'd have to hold the C6 is a bizzare fashion.

Currently I'm torn between a XR-1:

Or just doing a proper DIY job with a cheap LED keyring light and a piece of bluetack/elastic band.

Any suggestions/advice/things I should consider?
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A slightly cheaper alternative of this type of LED light is a outdoor hiking headlamp such as this one - of course it has no tripod mount:


I bought one of these headlamps from outdoor sport store, cost me $20, but you can find cheaper prices. Like the Camerabright, this also has four LEDs but I do not know what colour temperature it produces. It uses 3 AAA batteries (in a compartment at the back of the headband) instead of 4 button (flat) batteries. Although it can illuminate (for human eyes that is) up to 12 m, I find that it does not really help the video (and less for still pictures) very much beyond about 5 feet. The lamp produces a bluish tinge but you can correct this either with the manual white balance or with video editing (RGB corection) afterwards. Although the LEDs are arranged in a straight line, they produce a circular light pattern, probably because of reflective mirror around the light. Judging from the number and arrangement of the LEDs, I suspect the Camerabright produces a similar light (maybe brighter but I am not sure). There are other later models of Black Diamond LED headlamps which are more expensive and may produce a brighter light.
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