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123soleil Aug 3, 2007 4:44 PM


I have a xacti CG6, great piece of electronics... but I was wondering if the 10M feature is really any good or is it a scam (the cg6 is techniaclly a 6m cam)? are pictures taken actually any better, or maybe worse? I'm afraid those interpolation algorithmsmight do more harm than good

With all those 4 gigs memory cards, size is no longer an issue, so which resolution should I use for max quality? What's the consensus (if there is one) about this subject as I haven't seen any threads about it? (sorry if there already are threads, but didn't find any)


Caelum Aug 4, 2007 9:41 AM

The 10MP is interpolated. It's not a scam because the CG6 is actually sold as a 6MP camera, not a 10MP one (some digicams sell as high MP when they are actually interpolated, those are scams). It does a pretty good interpolation job, but with good image editing software you should be able to do as good or better interpolation on your PC.I personally would take 6MP photos and edit on the PC if needed, but taking interpolated 10MP or native 6MP photos really is up to you.

rgvcam Aug 5, 2007 6:46 PM

I would never ever use the interpolated mode in a camera. There is absolutely no advantage yet there is at least one disadvantage in that it takes up more space while providing no extra detail over the true sensor sized image. As Caelum pointed out, it's not as if you can't do the interpolation yourself on a PC, should you find it necessary. In fact these days with memory being as cheap as it is, you should never even use the resolutions that are lower than true sensor size either.

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