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I'm currently on a round the world trip. I originally purchased a Sony HC3 on my trip hoping to do some videopodcasting while I was on the road.

It is a fine camera, but my ability to process and edit on the road is very limited.

When I heard about the Sanyo HD cameras that saved everything to flash memory, I was pretty excited. I think it would slove many of my problem. Not only would I not have to deal with video tape, but random access of files would be much easier and I could easily FTP files to a friend the US for editing rather than send tapes.

I'm currently writing this in Hong Kong and I would like to pick up a camera while I'm here.


1) Is the 700 good enough, or would the 1000 be a better investment?

2) How much should I expect to pay in HK for either camera? I've seen prices across the board. I know I will have to bargin. I've seen prices of US$299 for the 700, but nothing close to that around here.


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1) HD700 should be fine for video pod-casting. Overall I read the HD1000 is better but more bulk. If you're planning in the future to produce footage which requires higher resolution/clarity than video pod-casting then I'd get the HD1000 if you can swing it.

2) No clue..got to be cheaper. If you buy one there make sure there are no bad pixels, etc. as you probably won't be able to use the US warranty to get it fixed. I've heard of many folks who got great deals in Japan.

Oh BTW, can I have your job? If you need to interview someone in Vancouver, Wa I'm here.

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I went travelling around the world back in 1995 and brought a dv cam with me, not even mini dv. At the time it was great as long as you dont mind carrying the huge shoulder bag everywhere and I mean everywhere, bat caves in Fiji,forests in Bali, karaoke bars in HK, beaches in Oz, bars in US, rainforests, rollercoasters, mountainclimbing, skydivingetc etc. I just wish the xactis had been around then and I would not have looked like such a pleb! Mind you, something like 36 dv tapes later, it was worth it but it would have been nice to be able to stick a camcorder in my pocket.... oh how technology has moved on.......
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A year later but for those that are seeking the ultimate podcasting tool...

The 1000 allows the attachment of an external microphopne and unless you intend to podcast only in silent environments(the forest, windless beaches?)and not shops for instance, then you will need a microphone to avoid picking up a load of ambient noise.

Also consider a HD2 perhaps second hand which has similar quality to the 700, but takes in standard mp4 rather than the new format (!ADCH64472?!) used by the HD1000 which requires a beast of a computer to edit and renderat speed. The HD2 is still slim enough to fit in a pocket. The HD1000 requires large pockets.

I podcast using a HD2.
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