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Since Canon announced the TX1, I've been getting so much information about it that I developed a huge case of analysis paralysis. I feel like I know more about the TX1 than the designer!,......certainly more than I need to know.

My comparisons were between the TX1 and the Sanyo CG65 and I found myself dwelling on the 10X zoom and willing to overlook the drawbacks such as harder to get into action, huge file sizes, short battery life etc. Today I took my little C5 out to meet my son when he flew in for Mother's day. While using it recalled just how quick it is into action and how easy the clips are to manage. Going from video to still is amazingly simple, of course. Mainly, I was reminded of it's comfort in the hand. So, on the way home I stopped at Walmart to see if I could handle one. They had a CG6 and I loved the way it felt and the large 2 1/2" screen. I took the card out of my C5 and actually shot a little video in the store. It was good. I decided then and there to get a CG65 and pass on Canon's first Hybrid offering .

When I was last on this forum, Caelum was high on the CG65 and I must assume he still is. His assertion that the video is better than the C6 and that zoom noises etc have been quieted is good enough for me. I have no interest in HD videos, I just want memories in pretty good quality, and files that are easy to handle on put on DVDs. More than anything, I want a camera that's easy to use and likely to be in my pocket when I want it.

So, any final remarks on the CG65 appreciated and any suggestions on where to buy it would be welcome input. I'll probably go with Amazon unless someone has a better idea.

Caelum,...I read your "review" again. Thanks!

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Hi Folks,...Just wanted to share that I ordered the CG65 today and am anxious to learn it's finer points before next quail season when it will get a real workout.

I had been like a fish flopping on a table trying to decide between the CG65 and the TX1 by Canon. I finally came back to the starting line and remembered why I wanted a new hybrid at all. It was an easy choice after I remembered that overall ease of use, fast into action, and one hand operation were absolute requirements. The larger screen on the CG65 and the easy way it operates with one thumb convinced me after I handled a C6 at Walmart. I reminded myself that I was in it for memories, and had no use for HD. Sanyo image quality is fine. I had been somewhat hung up on the 10X zoom but finally realized it wasn't necessary for my use and would be hard to hold steady in any case. The CG5 is quite a bit lighter than the TX1 with better battery life, cheaper accessories and easy sized files to manage. I will also benefit from the improved in camera editing. If the image quality of stills and videos is better than my C5, that'll be a bonus.

By the way, a big influence was the outstanding user review that Caelum posted on this site and all the give and take that went on with fellow members. Thanks to all of you.
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That's exactly how I felt about cg65! Kudos to you! :-)Your ancedote about fish is great!
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