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Alright since I am trying to decide on weather getting a C6 is really what I want, or if the technology really isn't there yet, I was wondering If a C6 owner would be willing to try a test out for me,

Basically what everyone wants to know is how good the video is in low light situations, and this is also my main concern, I tend to take pictures either at party/bar situations, or family gatherings, I do not need the video to show every detail in this situation, but if I see a friend doing something stupid I would love to be able to capture it on video to show them when they are hung-over the next day.( I know this would probably rule out the c6 right there but my A85 right now does an okay job w/ the video performance to light ratio that I want, and if the C6 could just up that a little I would seriously consider going that route)

Now here is what I was thinking, as a "test"

Take a picture with the C6 in a low light setting, w/o a flash

And then take video a short video in the same setting of the same scene

Do a couple of these with varying degrees of light,

And I bet that would help a lot of use out.

Now if Ihad access to a C6 this is what I would dograb my friend's light meter and start a real test. I would take a light reading of a scene that was illuminated to the brightness of a normal office, and take a short movie of that scene, and then I would start to lower the light from, there. Taking another light reading and another movie, until the output movie got to dark to view, and maybe at each stepping I would take a picture at ISO 100 and ISO 400 (also set to the lowest F-stop) w/ no flash as a reference point

I would like to say thanks in advanced to anyone who is willing to do this for me, but I am betting I will have to wait until a store near me starts caring a C6.

And if anyone else has an idea of how to make my "test" a better one I would love to hear it, cause I think I might have do this once, Circuit City(orany retail store)gets one in stockā€¦

Thanks for reading

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