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Default Anyone ever drop their camcorder in pool of water?

Last summer... got drunk... forgot that I had my HD1000 in my cargo pocket... and let a 90 pound girl push me into a swimming pool... camcorder ate it. Memory card SURVIVED!

I haven't tried to disassemble it, but I did open all latches and covers and dried it out for an entire week before trying to even put the battery back in and turn it on.

Visual inspection: Water spots visible inside the front lens element.

Camcorder turns on in playback mode only, and plays back any video clips in that mode fine. Buttons all work and I can go into the menus.

Camcorder turns on in REC mode to a frozen black screen with all normal display information on screen. No response to anything onscreen, not even shining a flashlight into the front lens. Zoom rocker has absolutely no effect. Does not zoom or make any mechanical zooming sounds.

I've already bought another HD1000 since I liked it so much but I now have a dead one. Any repair advice? Should I just try to sell it as water-damaged on ebay?
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Clean. If the controls except the physical controls in video are fine, then the physical zoom, focus and/or iris/shutter mechanism might have seized up. In the older models there was a problem with too much grease causing the iris/shutter (I forget exactly) to seize up. Depending on what it is, it could have changed the lubricants property, moved stuff around, or even corrosion. Pools have chemicals in them, and even some salt. So, a professional clean might be needed, at a repairer/service department, which might not be economically viable.
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