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I have one question for xacti cg6 or cg65...

i have a xacti c5 and i dont like the tv-output at all. The tvoutonlywork for PLAY MODE (for playback video or see photos). If you put the cam in REC MODE the tv show a black screen (using svideo or rca three cables too).

My question is... do tv-outputhave changed in cg6 model?

Thank in advance!!!

PD: In other post I read (for C4 Model)"I just checked to make sure I wasn't drunk when I posted this was possible.:lol:And .... YES, it is possible to connect the camera with the (included) [highlight= #ffff88]RCA[/highlight] cable to a TV and show what is on the LCD screen of the camera when it is switched on. In fact the LCD screen is disabled when the image from the camera is displayed on the TV. I don't think sound is transmitted though. You can also record (on the camera) in the usual way when it is hooked up."

And later i read a C4 user say that it is not possible. (I assure that my C5 cantdisplay its LCD screenon the TV in REC MODE)

I hope somebody can help me to clarify this mess....
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Yes they canoutput to TV when in record mode as well, the difference with the CG6 and CG65 is that there is no longer any need for a dongle or docking station, just the video out cable.

Strange that yours doesn't work. Look at this post where Steve writes that heused the video out in record mode for his C4 and C5reviewscreenshoots.

Edit: Aha! if you keep reading that thread (link just above), it seems that record mode TV out only worked with NTSC TVs, not PAL (playback only). Sorry, Iuse NTSC, you'd have to get the answer from someone who uses PAL to know if the situation has changed with the CG6 and CG65.

Edit bis:in the videopointed out by lpm, QVC-UK has their CG6 in record mode TV-out (question is their TV in PAL mode).
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In PAL the tvoutput function is limited and you only can use the PLAY MODE.

In NTSC the tvoutput function is completed and the PLAY and REC MODE is enabled.

Thanks again!!
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