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lgmayka Jun 9, 2006 8:15 PM

I just purchased a bare Sanyo HD1 camcorder off eBay:

I have also purchased a battery for it:

Right now, I have a Sanyo-Fisher FVD-C1 with all accessories. The question is, What do I really still need to buy?

The FVD-C1's standard accessories include a docking station, a charger/AC adapter, an adapter cube (usable instead of dock), etc. Can any of these be used with the HD1?

lgmayka Jun 10, 2006 5:35 AM

From the manuals of the VPC-HD1 and FVD-C1, it appears that the VPC-HD1 uses a 5V AC adapter, whereas the FVD-C1 uses a 4.7V adapter. I'm hoping that the slight voltage boost is merely to charge the higher-capacity battery a little faster, but that the C1's 4.7V adapter should work on the HD1, just a little slower (at charging the battery). Does that sound right?

The more important issue is whether I can reuse the C1's adapter cube and/or dock on the HD1. Is the HD1's multipurpose connector the same (except for component video capability) as the C1's?

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