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Hello all. first post here but have been reading teh reviews ans forums for sometiem now. So to the question... I'm off to Japan in two days time and I am interested in getting a c6 for the pocket to snap and film the trip with. I was going to buy the c6 out there but was wandering what the charger would be ( plug etc ) and If I turned it on for the first time would it be in Japanese? Is there some way to check on the box first? I am aware of the warranty issue but if the price is right that's just a risk I will take. Many thanks in advance for your help. I'm off in 2 Days ( short notice I know! ) Cheers Simon
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the charger is multi standard, which means it will accept all currents from 100 to 240Volts . The charger plugs into the outlet by a standard power cable, the one you will get in Japan will not have the right plug, but you can substitute it in the US by a local one from another appliance, or buy one at radioshack.

The menu will most likely be in Japanese mode by default, but it is so simple to navigate that you should not have any problem switching it to english.

You can download the english manual from this site before you leave.


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The product will be in Japanese menu language when you get it. Obviously that poses some difficulty, although still possible to change the menu over to English. Easiest way would be to have the Japanese salesman do it for you. Slightly harder would be to download a US manual and follow the menu structure click by click through the Japanese menus until you get to where language would be.

The charger is universal, but the cord will differ in Japan from Europe. It is the same cord in Japan as the US. The wall cord is easily replaceable. I'm not sure about Europe, but I have typically found items to be more expensive in Japan (even the ones made in Japan) vs the US market.
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That's great replies from both of you. I'm in the uk with 240v but if it works like my apple chargerfor my powerbook thats ok. Cheers Simon.
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