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hello all, my first post.

I spotted the c40 in 2005 as it came out. Lately my 320x240 recording on my 5mp still camera is outdone for my purpose, needing an upgrade. so I grabbed a refurbished c40 (decent sale with warranty) as I am going to be scuffing it up in my reality. I even looked at the aiptek...but got a much better sanyo for cheaper or same price, no matter where I looked.There is a lense option among other facts that changed my mind.


step one was new memory. Tips would be great. I am misguided to SD knowledge as I have read sdhd is 1gb, and standard sd cannot be 1gb (it is too much data to be a standard SD). with that said.. I am wondering now what the truth is. Do I get specific label "SDHD" and what size is my limitation for the xacti c40? I have found 1gb as just SD, and it does not coincide with what I learned.

thanks for help.
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Here just keep it simple and go to RadioShack get the 2 gig Ultra II or any other SD card2gb or less for this camera. I had one.The C40doesn't support the SDHC cards such as the 4gb. With 2gb you'll have plenty of video time. I recommend the Ultra II as it has a high read/write rate which helps when copying files from the card to your PC (assumingyou have USB 2 and a goodcard reader). Radioshack periodically runs ads on the Ultra II 2gb. I picked oneup for $19.00 about three months ago (in-store).

BTW, goto to ebay and search for generic batteries for your C40. Should cost you about $8.00 including shipping.

You made a good decision purchasing the C40 over the Apitek. I'm not an Aiptek fan I recorded tons of hours on the C40. Just be aware the focus on this camera is a tad slow in low light but it still works. Trust me over timeyou'll become an Xacti addict.


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I assume you mean SD and SDHC. SDHC cards will be 4gb and more, so SD will include 1gb (as well as 2gb).
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