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Good Evening.

My PDA , Phone there have 3 pins battery can use homemadeexternal battery.

I try use 3 AA battery that can give 3.6v 1700mAh jump direct batterypins

but It's not work.

I think camera protect for modification.

I try use 5v DC hole with 4 AA but power not enough for long run.

If I use Higher volt & power batteryand reduce it with IC 7805 x2 (for more power of IC limit).

What's happen after there ?

Anyone have ideafor battery life?

Thank you very much.

(my language is weak, sorry)

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The C6 draws more than 600 ma at 3.6 V (when shooting video).
Most alkaline batteries do not stand up under that drain. It is certain that AAA cells will not handle 600ma continuous.

I use a set of four 2300maH NiMH batteries connected to the charger socket on the bottom of the C6 video adapter, and they only last for about 2 hours 30 minutes. The 7805 is lossy, and only necessary if you are using alkaline cells. Four good NiMH AA will not exceed 5.5 volts, which my C6 can handle OK (5V +10%) through its 5V charging socket.

ps: Do not pay any attention to this post if you want your C6 to stay under warranty, or if you are not an uber-geek

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...Hello again. After a test...

I use 1700 AA 4 Cells, press Rec on Web-S Mode (I have only 512MB Card).

I waiting for until battery empty (default Battery is installed)

because power is lower than Adapter (2.0 A) It show "battery Low" but found no problem.

I feel camera so heat (normally, not battery)

first clip is 1.28 Hr. External battery is down. but main battery is full

I need upgrade my AA battery set to 2700++ mAh and higher power charger. but It is very expensive for thai student.

...My camera have 2 black dot while record video at outdoor but indoor is OK (not show).

I bought it at gray market. No warranty :lol:
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