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I bought my C6 not long after release, so the battery is a year or so old now, and I think it is starting to die, it doesn't hold much charge.

So I went and got a new generic battery that was labelled as being for Xacti. It works - you can put it in, and turn the camera on.

However it will not seem to hold any charge. When I take the Xacti C6 off the charger, and turn it on, the battery shows full charge. So I put the Xacti in my bag or whatever. A couple of hours later when I come to use it, it is completely dead and I cannot switch it on. I've tried this several times now.

Is this just a faulty battery, an incompatible battery, or is something wrong with my Xacti C6?
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Hard to know what's wrong, but I suspect some cheaper third party batteriesare iffy.
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Well the battery now won't even charge - I put the C6 on its stand and no lights came on.

I put its old battery back on, and that appeared to charge fine (I just don't think it's holding much charge these days, being old).

The new battery is a Roofer that "fits Sanyo DB-L20A". It was the only Sanyo compatible battery in the shop. It costs Dh50 which is about $13.30.

I would have been happy to pay more for an official Sanyo one, but I don't know where to buy them, except maybe online, and I don't have time to wait for one to arrive. I live in the Middle East so everything comes from overseas.
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